On A Roll (Part Two)


We’ve noticed a lot of new folks around here and also noticed a handful of new blogs, so we wanted to open up the blogroll again and get some more names over there on the left. So, in the spirit of community let’s link up.

Link to our blog and let us know. Leave your blog address in the comments, we will check it out and be sure to add you.


36 comments on “On A Roll (Part Two)

  1. Ok, not meaning to be redundant, but this was my original post (without the link):

    I just found your blog and I LOVE it-it has kept me laughing, and I look forward to seeing more of the inner workings of MercyMe!! ;)

    Thank you for using your gifts in the kingdom of God and may you continue to be blessed!! :)

  2. Okay, I have to confess, your blog is my favorite of all blogs. And I realize that I’m not the “Blog Master” but I can recognize a good thing when I see it. (Do you think there is a “Blog Master”?)In fact, I’m so addicted that I have to leave a comment almost every day. That can either read as being ‘pathetic’ or ‘a fan’. I prefer you think ‘a fan’. (But both probably apply)

    Here’s my link:


  3. OK i not Blog saavy…… i’m Blog ignorant… what exactly is a blog.. i’m thnking a website thingy where people can comment… so what the difference between blog and an email address???? i’m probably the only person on the planet that dosn’t have her own cell phone … i dont have a blog thing…. care to explain…sorry!!

  4. I’ve been reading for the past couple months and linked in my blogroll a while ago. If you want to link to me, I’d love it!

    God Bless you guys and if you’re so inclined please pray for my family. We’re hoping to adopt a baby in another state. We weren’t even planning to adopt anytime soon, but God prompted us to open our home to welcome this baby who is coming from a difficult situation. We’d love it if the baby is healthy at birth.


  5. I am a part of the Sweetwater Productions Team in Fort Wayne, IN. You brothers were in our studio yesterday and recorded an accoustic version of God With Us. It was blessed. I felt the Spirit in the studios and it was sweet! Be blessed in the Messiah Yeshua. My blog is located at http://torahperspective.com. It is called Torah Perspective. An add would be great. Thank you.
    Banner Kidd
    Saved by grace through faith and obedience by grace through faith. Eph 2:8-10

  6. Just saw you at the Strawberry Festival (are you sick of strawberries yet??) You all were awesome and God was present throughout the entire event. You are gifted and God is using you all in mighty ways.

    You’re now linked to my blog and I look forward to being on yours!!!

    Blessings – Paula

  7. Hey guys… just beginning to read over here as I am now a local Greenville dude – (new contemporary worship leader at HTBC) – I’ll try to do more than lurk around here, but I make no promises. :) God bless!


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