17 comments on “Nighty Night Gracie

  1. That is adorable. She is precious. Hope things are getting less sick at your house. I do believe you are getting it all out and over with at the beginning of the year. Hang in.

  2. That is priceless, I love it!

    That’s the wonderful thing about videos, you can go back and watch them. It makes you realize just how much they have grown. Thanks for sharing this, I think I’ll go watch some of my granddaughter when she was a toddler now.

  3. I certainly hope that when your wonderful kids get older, they still talk to you. I have a wonderful 22 year old, but if I did or do ANYTHING that might embarrass her, I get the evil eye! Love them all you can.

  4. My oldest daughter who is now 22 used to do the same thing when she was little. One time she even fell asleep in her highchair into her mashed potatoes. I wish I would have had a video of it.

  5. That is pure greatness! Hilarious!

    It’s amazing that kids can eat and fall asleep at the same time!

    I’m going to share this with my friends and family b/c everyone needs a good laugh!

    Thanks for sharing your precious family and their funny moments!

    God Bless

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