Missoula, MT

Oh goodness Montana!  There’s were a lot of you here tonight!  We’re sorry that we had to turn away so many of you.  Those that made it in, we had a blast and hope you all enjoyed yourself.  We were standing side stage for most of the night and you guys blew us away.

Mike and I took a brief walk downtown earlier today and spent some time walking around.  You’ve got a pretty cool town here.  Thanks for being so hospitable.  We’ll see you again soon.

  • I had so much fun at your concert lastnight. You were the hit of the night!

  • Hey Bart, your picture fits my email address! Go grizz! Great concert. You never tire or cease to amaze us. We have a new youth group that attended this concert. the youth group is up and coming along here on the reservation. It is an outreach in itself! We brought 30 youth to the concert and just barley made it in before the doors closed, but we did make it!
    We tried to sign up for the scholarship give away and never could figure out how to navigate through the web site to sign up for it. If it is not to late please sign us up??!