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  1. I real like you guys I just got finish reading I would die for you by bernt& Deanna Higgins about BJ higgins that book real open my eyes open to god I just start to get back to god and real good keep up the good work

    michelle god belss you all

  2. This is completely preventing me from getting anything productive done this afternoon. So cool, thanks!

    Shout out from Baltimore/Washington, DC!

    Bless you guys – and about figuring out songs – are you taking requests?

  3. It’s funny that you said that about being productive….. good thing I did all the yard work yesterday. But I do need to get out of here, this room, I mean – I can only check my email so many times in an hour.

    God Bless you all and I’m looking forward to the new album. Have a good time this afternoon!

  4. It would be nice to see you guys but all i get is a whole lot of NOTHING!…so i will keep trying…have a great weekend! and if you could wave or say Hello to Carrie it would be great! thanks Guys! God Bless you all and your families!

  5. Hey, stay awake, or pretend to be awake…
    when you guys coming back to Ontario, Canada??? It’s been too many years.

    Thanks for all your hard work…

    Blessings brothers,


  6. as opposed to not liking the song that you are recording for your own album? or rather, an album with your name on it….?

    Zach, Skillet is the best! Your wife is absolutely beautiful.

  7. Boo! I like the song. I’m going to be singing it long before the album even comes out….. As a matter of fact, this was a great marketing idea, Bart – you get people loving the music before it’s even finished.

    Not corny at all.

    Gotta go for real now.

    Christ is Risen!

  8. Looking forward to August 2nd with the Texas Rangers. Last year was awesome…and it was the first year. New tradition started and I look forward to seeing ya’ll at the Rangers every year now. I am planning on getting a large group to come and see ya’ll up there (I live in the Austin Metro area). Love ya’ll lots, and keep singing!!! :)

  9. Hey,
    This is a distant cousin to Bart.. I am 11 years old and Mary Wilson is my grandmother and she knows how much we love your music and your mission and my family prays for your ministry and family.. This is really cool watching you guys, thanks for sharing with us.
    Ben Wilson
    McKinney, Texas

  10. I grew up in a church that played arrangements just like the one you’re doing on leaning… I”m just buggin
    I grew up way before there was even the concept of the praise team. It was just hymns and a chorister lol

  11. Hi guys! Shout out from Des Moines, Iowa! This is so neat!! Thanks for letting us watch you while you’re recording! Looks like you’re having a fun time :) God bless!

  12. Okay… so EVERY MercyMe CD is awesome from front to back, you guys did a Christmas CD which was totally awesome, Bart’s done a Hymn CD, with one on the way… NOW you guys need to release an album with nothing but the coolest Worship songs, with the good ol’ MercyMe vibe in all of them! Like round up 16 of the best worship songs of all time and re-record them with all new MercyMe style!! Now THAT would make for one outstanding CD!!

  13. I first saw MercyMe about a year and a half ago when my sister dragged me to your show here in Fresno. I am so glad she did, I didn’t know what I had been missing! I love your music, the words speak to me and have helped me understand some of the things I’ve been going through. Thank you.

  14. I just wanted to say it’s really great what you do for your fans. God really. Because your music has really touched many people. I love that when I’m listening to the radio, my kids are in the back seat belting out songs to the Lord. So many of them are your songs. They love going to your concerts. We saw you in Tulsa a few weeks ago and they loved the concert in Fort Smith, we were in the front.They took home so much of that confetti. And we got to talk to you as well. Your songs inspire us deeply. I find myself crying during some. Not because I’m sad but because I feel God with me and the spirit just fills me up. I can’t thank you guys enough. Also Just keep up the great job, God’s really working with you guys. So do we get to know what kind of hymms your putting on the disc or do we have to wait and see? PS Loved the birthday duet. You all should have your kids sing in the back ground of a song… I bet that would be beautiful. I really mean that. The sound of a kids voice is complete music all it’s own. Good lluck with the recording.

  15. Hey Bart,

    I have been watch most of the day and it has been great. Love the new song and keep the songs coming. Hey Brody, how are you?. Glad to catch you live this time.


  16. When does the band find time to be in Gods word when they are traveling? Also how do they hold it together when they are stugglinging? Finnally any specfic prayer request?

  17. What a blessing that MM would spend their money in an effort to bring us closer to their world. Broadcasting a recording session in this manner is not free! Thanks MM and MM Crew!

    Elbee & the Honey Family

    PS…hi Brody… Got Honey?

  18. That was so awesome! Thank you for sharing this with all of us. And thank Brody for chatting with us too.

    God bless!!!

  19. I hope you will keep bringing back the live camera. It was really interesting and a joy to see you all in the recording process. Even when there is silence, just watching what’s going on is cool. It’s a neat insight to all the hard work that goes into each project.

  20. I am truly inspired thru your music; you can enter in to praise & worship – not just be entertained. I minister in music and use a lot of your great stuff!

    Say hi to my son at Dark Horse, Michael Stubblefield! He’s a great witness for the Lord! Mom and Dad are so proud!

  21. So sorry I missed it. I still have to be mommy sometimes. Got the baby’s 2nd birthday to do and all. Anyway, I thought of ya a coupla times. Glad it went well.

    Maybe next time?

    Heidi R.

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