Little Rock, AR

Well, we finally made it to Little Rock today after a day of bus problems.  We spent most of the day sitting on the side of the road, but when we got here it was worth it.  What a great show.  You people sing loud here.

Right now we’re sitting backstage checking our phones and watching the weather in Texas and here.  Turns out this tornado season is for real.  Everyone make sure you’re safe out there.  Tonight we’re headed to Mississippi.  Looking forward to spending the day with you guys tomorrow.

Here’s Bart pretending he’s the Hulk.

  • Tyler

    Thanks for all ya”ll do in my prayers even you bart lol

  • Can’t wait to see ya’ll in Edna Texas!

  • Thanks for a great show!!!!!!! All three y’all were awesome!!!!!

  • Brock

    That boy can sing…thanks for an awesome show! So thankful you guys know Jesus and are using your incredibly amazing talents for Him! Blessings!

  • Austin C

    Thank you so much for the show! It was amazing! Hope to see you all again in Little Rock!

  • We thoroughly enjoyed the concert in LR last night. Felt like we had been to church! Thanks for sharing your gifts with so many.