11 comments on “Life Changing Moments With MercyMe

  1. I’m with Sandi. I rushed to the website to see what awaited. Just whose life was changed? The chicken ran like the wind after gatorade! Who knew? Not even the great Bart Millard. Thanks for the chuckle. You made me smile this morning when I didn’t feel like it yet.

  2. I’m with Sandi on that one…I was expecting…something……pretty……. well….something …..really…. different than that. I did not know chickens liked Gatorade… thank you for that info.. LOL !! there’s never a dull moment is there!!?? God Bless :) thanks for the laugh

  3. One look at the title and I prepared myself for something sad. Instead I’m choking on a grape I was eating when I heard “the Carl Lewis of chickens.”

  4. Wow! Maybe I should start drinking Gatorade… I mean… I’m not a chicken, but maybe I’d be fast enough to race one! ^_^ Thanks for the laughs! I look forward to more life-changing moments!

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