8 comments on “Just A Taste

  1. Canm someone get thsi email to Bart?? I would love to have him help me out in a propsal to my girl. :}

    Bart and crew,

    I am coming to your show in Valpo on Nov. 8th. I CAN’T WAIT!!

    I was wondering if you could do me a huge huge favor????

    It is my girlfriend’s birthday that night and I would like to ask two favors of you and the band.

    The first one is easier….. I’d like you to mention her birthday. Her name is OLGA MOODY.

    The second, AND MOST IMPORTANT, favor is that I would like to know if you could help me in a proposal to her that night??? I have been thinking lately that it may be the right time to ask her to marry me. I’ve got that feeling in my gut. When I bought the tics the other day and realized it was her birthday I just put it together that what an AWESOME proposal that would be!!! To have you help me out in some way. Maybe by asking if she is at show and then mention something I want to ask her??? I not sure if you have done this type of thing or if you are against it or what. But I LOVE LOVE you guys and it just really would be cool if I could do this at your show with your help. :}

    Better than darn skywriting!!! LOL

    Thank you.
    Please contact me in some manner so that I will know it is possible or not gonna work.

    God Bless.
    Scott Ripoli

  2. I can’t wait. I love all their albums!!! I look forward to seeing what amazing gifts the Lord has blessed them with this time.
    God Bless Guys!!!

  3. Gotta have it! Was just jammin’ to Away-Christmas Sessions…..I know I know…it’s not even Thanksgiving yet! Who cares ’cause Away ROCKS! lbee

  4. Bart
    I am glad to see you so successful
    You have come a long way from singing to us at OU and hanging out in Edmond.

    In Christ Read

  5. Nice sounding song…but what’s even cooler is that looks like Sonic Ranch Studio near my home town of El Paso, Texas…that’s AWESOME!

    Anyway, anticipating another awesome CD glorifying God in every way….In His Peace….

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