It’s Officially Too Hot When…


A plastic cup sits in your car for a day and melts….literally MELTS!!!! God Bless Texas!

20 comments on “It’s Officially Too Hot When…

  1. it’s been a little cooler the past two days in franklin,tn. it was killer monday morning when it was 82 degrees @ 5 am.

  2. Hard to capture in a still, but finding a crayon in the back seat which looks (thanks to surface tension) solid and melts when disturbed…

  3. My hubby left a credit card in my console and it was hot enough to melt it and now it’s bend on one corner. Gotta love summer in Oklahoma (:

  4. That happened to a coworker of mine only it was a six pack of cokes. The bottles swelled up and got all distorted. They were weird to look at.

  5. Down here in Florida last week…it got as hot as 104 … thats even too hot to go to the beach… this week thank goodness it cooled down to 90ish LOL— its not even August yet!!

  6. All this heat has made me reconsider the decision to replace Ford plastic with billet aluminum – especially the shifter, the e-brake handle and the pedals… 105+ temps outside and my flesh looked like that cup when I tried to drive my car!! I know there’s a lesson in there! Thank you God!

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