In The Studio With Mr. Lovewell

A Behind the scenes look at the brand new album from MercyMe – The Generous Mr. Lovewell!

3 comments on “In The Studio With Mr. Lovewell

  1. I cannot wait for my copy to arrive! I know it is on its way! I just have to wait for about two weeks before Mr Postman will deliver it…

  2. What a GREAT song. All of Creation.It’s been a while since I can only Imagine Hit the charts, but I can tell you this. It is the Stairway to heaven of Christian music. It will always be a most popular and well received chart buster from a Great band.

  3. I can’t stop listening to this CD!! It’s awesome, it’s inspirational, it makes me what to sing, sing, sing of His glory. I love this group from the bottom of my heart. Their songs talk to me and really give me hope.

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