So I thought it would be funny to buy a Santa suit that was way to small. Yep…it was funny alright…until the pants gave way.

9 comments on “Ho-Ho-Ho

  1. Oh, my goodness! What team are you on again? Casting Pounds? Loved the Christmas show. Thanks for letting us be a part of both nights. Not many of us on Sat night, but twittered away & got a few more last night. Great reunion for all us SLOBs. We have gotten kinda close. Enjoy the rest of your well deserved break from touring. Can you say “Roadshow”?

  2. Hey Bart

    These are adorable pics. Thank you for sharing your life, family and most especially your love for Christ with us.

    I just bought 2 more of MM cds and as I finished reading the inside cover of “Undone”, I was bawling…. so much heart, so real and such pure love for our Lord. You guys are all so wonderful and I am so proud of you all, and prouder still to be in “the family” with you.

    Have a wonderful, blessed holiday. I am praying for Shannon to have a smooth delivery, healthy happy baby and for you to get some sleep! :)

    Are you planning to have any more babies after this one?

    Be blessed, indeed

  3. Ha, Ha, you are just too funny. Nice Santa suit and besides i think Sam looks better with the beard. ( just kidding) Thanks for sharing with us Santa Bart.

  4. Hey Mike I don’t suppose you remember when Santa came to visit you and gave you a candy bar for being a good boy all year, now do you!!

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