Gulf Shores Family Vacation


Last week we went to Gulf Shores, AL for the annual family vacation that Abby’s family has taken since she was 8 years old. It was an amazing time as always, our kids love playing with their cousins and amazingly they can go all week without any real battles breaking out. Abby’s MawMaw Hazel, or HayHay to all the great grandkids, cooks a huge breakfast every morning, homemade biscuits, grits, ham, eggs, THE WORKS!!!! Then of course there are trips to Lambert’s, and Alvin’s Island to get temporary tattoos for the kids, (which I don’t recommend… they smeared before we left the store!!!) and hours, upon hours, upon hours spent in the pool and on the beach.
Speaking of the Beach, Abby and I have started an informal tradition of our own. For some reason we always end up trying to see who can get a funnier “action shot” picture on he beach. We’ve ended up doing this in Galveston, Gulf Shores, and even on several beaches in Hawaii.

I think you will all agree that Abby wins this round, but I’ll take her down next time!!!!

13 comments on “Gulf Shores Family Vacation

  1. Love the action shots they are a cool tradition. I’m curious do you ever get recognized when your on vacation and go to places like Walmart or Burger King?

  2. These are great! I don’t know, I think it’s a tie though. I think the tongue sticking out gives you some bonus points on that one…..NOW we want to see that move on stage! :)

  3. Wish I was there too – those white sands of Gulf Shores/Ft. Morgan are one of Alabama’s best kept secrets – and my favorite vacation spot!

  4. My family has a family reunion in Gulf Shores every 2 years, with me being in summer classes in college I missed the one last month, but I really enjoy it there. Hope you and your family had a great time, it is a great vacation spot!

  5. Good to see you and your family enjoying life to the fullest.
    I was at your concert in Augusta, Me. on May 30th. My son plays lead guitar for Stephanie Israelson (who openned your show). I met you (but for a few seconds) before the show. I must say I listen to and watch your DVD constantly, what a performance!! I’ve been told attemps are being made to have Mercy Me come back to the Maine/New Brunswick area sometime in the future. Our capital city (Fredericton, N.B. Canada) has an ideal site for your performance. It sure would be great to have you come our way, our family will definately be there.
    Take Care,

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