8 comments on ““God With Us” – 10

  1. This is my all-time favorite song of all groups…I turn it up in the car or wherever I am and to me, it’s like I’m singing in heaven w/the angels! That’s where I end up (mentally) when I hear/sing this song! It’s incredible!
    Thanks for all of your songs, guys!

  2. I for one am glad that God disturbs you guys in your sleep to reveal what He wants to be said in your songs. He alone knows we need the message He is sending through them. I personally want to thank each of you for listening to Him when he talks.

  3. This is one of our favorites to sing at our Celebrate Recovery meetings on Friday nights. “…Sweet release from the grip of these chains…” Amen.

  4. Thank you Robby and all of the MM gang. Although ‘Finally Home’ is a song that has a lot of meaning for me, ‘God With Us’ is definitely one of my favorites. I had heard the song on KLove.com before but when I saw you guys in Barre, VT and you played that song, WOW!!! It really opened my heart even more to Jesus. Thank you again and God Bless!

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