Friends Are Friends Forever

I was par-oozing the interweb today and came across something we did a couple of years ago. Back when MySpace was a good wholesome place where predators could run free…sarcasm folks…I found a batch of songs we wrote for every 1000 myspace friends we got. Comedy at it’s finest. Enjoy.

10,000 Friends

11,000 Friends

12,000 Friends

13,000 Friends

14,000 Friends

15,000 Friends

16,000 Friends

17,000 Friends

18,000 Friends

19,000 Friends

20,000 Friends

Which one is your favorite?


12 comments on “Friends Are Friends Forever

  1. Quality-wise, I’d have to go with 16 and 18,000. But, 17 was just what I needed to get my first laugh for the day!!
    So much talent in one little space! :)
    Thanks for making life a little lighter, guys!!


  2. HA! These were great the 1st time I heard them on MySpace. Thanks for the laugh. 17 is hilarious. I think my favorite part is in 14, “I grew up in the deep South. You grew up in BALTIMORE!” :)

  3. These are still just as funny as when I listened to them on MySpace. I think 17,000 is my favorite though. Its funny hearing your voice changing from high pitch to deep on the different songs. Barry, you have a good voice too.

    I kept wanting to say Hee Haw on the 18,000 blue grass song. My granddaughter wants me to let you know that her favorite is 20,000 she likes that hop hop sound of Heavy B. Word.

  4. i love your music i have been to iraq twice with my cav unit as a cav scout lost my vision in right eye and love your song your the blame do you have a compli-cd for that song if yall done yall should

  5. That’s enough for an album, guys. When can we expect it? So for me, 13, 14 , 15 are the contenders but 13 wins! I loves me some blues.

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