Franklin, NC


What a perfect way to close out an amazing tour. Franklin, North Carolina, first of all you’re city is beautiful, your weather was awesome, and the family fun center next door to the venue was spectacular. We had a blast today. Thanks to everyone who came out tonight and everyone who came out to this whole tour.

Thanks to the Citizen Way guys and Jamie Grace for coming along. We ABSOLUTELY will do this again. Everyone make sure to check out their music if you haven’t already.

Thanks again folks. We’ll see you again soon.


  • Joey Kosar

    Is there a way to get in contact with you guys? I have a special request for a Houston tour date. I’ve been sick for almost 4 years and I would love to drum hurt and the healer with you guys live on stage….If you see this my number is 8327nine79883

    Love you guys. I’ll be at the ballpark!

  • Vicky Moon-Alarcon

    I just learned something destirbing about the group Mercy Me and would really like to know if it’s true ? If it’s true it could brake the band after all The Lord gives and he takes a way and he will not be mocked . He gets enough bad raps without his so called people stabbing him in the back and making a mockery of his name.

  • Cristina Carson

    My husband LOVE LOVE LOVES you guys, and I was so excited to get him tickets to your Hope, AR concert on Friday 6/13 for father’s day, he listens to you every morning. This is probably a once in a lifetime opportunity for him to see you. If you could wish him a Happy Father’s Day @ the concert I would be beyond grateful. His name is Scott Carson, or send him a email (, he would just beover the moon.
    I would be so thankful, and blessed. Keep on being the best worship band ever, as my husband would say. See you in Hope. Cristina Carson

  • John Daniel Fooks

    My wife and i were 4 rows from the stage in Hope. I am 71 and we have been to 12 bill Gaithersburg concerts and heard you guys at Rangers stadium in Alrlington 3-4 years ago, but Hope was the BEST CONCERT I have ever attended! “New” is the best CD ever! I am brand new thanks to you!

  • Michael Ward

    God Bless MercyMe! I am new to Christian Music (1 Year +) and find your music so inspirational!! Your new album is great but I must share with you that I recently discovered you song “Here with me” thanks to KLove!! While it is not likely I will ever see you in concert due to finances and my constant work, it is enough to hear you on KLOVE!! Thank you for making such amazing music that touches the heart and SOUL!!