• Mary Ellen Patrick

    This song is SO needed. Guys you are right. This is “the” song on the album. God is moving through this song. As a singer/pianist, I know what it’s like to sing when your heart feels like bursting, but when you trust God, those mountains crumble. Hallelujah!

    • Daryl Warner

      I also Love this song. It is truly a Gift from the Almighty God who will someday take us home. Your group is a Blessing also Thank You

  • Don Greenfield

    Love this song! Just pre-ordered it. but the link says to purchase “Even If” – assumed that was the song we would get now – but guess we have to wait for that? you should fix the link so others know they won’t get “Even If”

  • Vanessa Jolibois

    Is it possible to say that God inspire that song for me. Reaching the core of my heart. It explain everything I feel in my soul, feelings that I am currently experiencing, and also the hope that I will be able to say ” Even if you don’t my hope is you alone.” These words are so powerful, to me, to be able to say these words make you untouchable. Thank you MercyMe. Blessings always.

  • Michelle Parker

    LOVE this song and the band! You are amazing and your music is such a blessing to me!

  • Patti Denmark Wilson

    Wonderful inspiring and beautiful! Thank you for your ministry!

  • Vickie Sadler Jacobs

    Leave it to Mercy Me for another song that touches the very depth of my soul. Even if you don’t my hope is you alone. God has never forsaken me and he will be faithful to the end. I’m surrendered to you Jesus and the paths you put before me. Open the doors that will glorify you alone. 🙏