Smartphone Embarrassing Song Giveaway

Hey everyone.  Now that the LOVEWELL LIVE tour is over we wanted to bring this little hunt online.  Somewhere on this website there is a code linking to three of the most embarrassing MercyMe songs ever recorded.  Songs that have rarely been heard and probably should have stayed that way.  But not here folks.  You know we have no shame.

Here’s how it works.  On the road we would put these signs up all over the venue and when scanned it would do what Mike said above.  Now we have taken this same code and hidden it somewhere on this website.  It will take a while to look around and find it, but once you do, scan it, enter your email and you will receive the 3 songs in your email.  Depending on how this goes we might periodically move around the code to make it more of a challenge, but let’s see how this goes.  Sound good?

26 comments on “Smartphone Embarrassing Song Giveaway

  1. Found it, but seeing as I do not have a smart-phone, I used an online convertor. It gave me a valid link, however the link reverts to the MM homepage, rather than the email form.

    (Also, in the future, use a bogus QR code in the video, it’d be easy to just use a screenshot of that)

  2. Couple things. This is a mobile only contest. Sorry for the non-smart phone people. We will have something fun for you soon as well

    Also, it’s just a FUN thing, so if you want to scan the video you can.


  3. Seriously? Smart phones only? Come on, guys. The whole world isn’t so frivolous as to spend so much on a phone plus an extra $30 a month or whatever it may be now…

  4. I only have a “not so bright” phone so I am outta luck..the phone is like it’s guys are awesome and congrats again on the AMA win

  5. Well, that was fun, Brody!! Can hardly wait for the next fun-time activity!!

    And you don’t have to have an iPhone to play. Any smart-phone should work. I don’t have an iPhone. Besides, I know MercyMe doesn’t want anyone to feel left out, so rest assured, there will be more to come from this innovative & fun group of guys. (and, no, I’ve never even met the guys of MM).

  6. why are all you guys freaking out? i dont own a smartphone and i think its an AWESOME idea! i’m almost wanna buy one just for this! lol (: i love you mercyme!

  7. I can’t get the link from the QR code to work on my Palm Pixi. I can get it to read the code but the link just takes me to MercyMe’s site and to the secret page. I got the songs by using my Dad’s phone but I hope this gets figured out for the future.

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