Diving Blind On iTunes!!


Hey Everyone.

Just wanted to stop in and let you know that the Diving Blind EP is now officially on iTunes!  And for only $3.96.  You can get it by clicking here.

Thanks for your support so much.  See you this Spring!


  • http://www.gracenotes95.blogspot.com Suzanne

    Congratulations on the new EP! How exciting!
    As for Bart’s Twitter post…yes, you should wear jeans to the grammys, jeans are hip and cool and trendy. Just wear a nice shirt and jacket…did you really want fashion advice or was that a rhetorical question??

  • http://evoulieblog.wordpress.com/ Evan

    Bought the Ep on iTunes.. 😀

  • http://matm.typepad.com april

    Downloading now…..any idea why it’s genre is listed as Rock? Not that it matters too much. 😉

  • http://myspace.com/churchpunk_33 Jen

    I just bought it! I’m so excited to see the ep on itunes. I really enjoyed Nate’s portion of the live shows last fall.

  • http://1pokinatcha.blogspot.com/ Pokinatcha

    Cool! I’ll see you in 2 weeks & 6 days in Waikiki!

  • http://kellygirl.tumblr.com Kelly

    SWEET! I was just thinking about this as I was watching the show tonight. Was hoping you’d sing it.

    Amazing show btw! :) So powerful! God bless you guys and I hope to see you in Dallas in April!