10 comments on “Dear God… (Part Two)

  1. Memphis has some awesome bbq. You should check out Memphis in May sometime. Its an event that is held downtown by the river and there are events throughout the month. They have bbq cooking contests and there is some bbq going down during May. This is the lnk if you would like to check it out.


  2. What was the big difference? I can walk to a hole in the road BBQ from my home. She has been in business forever. There are 2 others in the city limits here and they are all different. I think I just got used to the one close by and it is my favorite. If your ever in Southern KY, give me a shout and I will get you some BBQ here. I lived in TN for 20+ years and never ate it there. LOL Wow, the things you learn on the road.
    Christy in KY

  3. As a kid I worked for Colemans twice – once in Tupelo, MS and later in Ripley MS.
    25 years in Texas – I’ve pretty much gotten used to the change.
    But I DO miss that Colemans shoulder pulled right out of the pit and chopped at the counter.
    D__N – now Im hungry.

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