Dallas, TX

Oh my Dallas. You guys were awesome. We ABSOLUTELY love playing our home town and have been looking forward to tonight all year. You guys did not disappoint. We spent most of the day with our families and at our houses, and the show felt like a huge family night. Thanks for making the final Roadshow show a memorable one.

We’ve got one more show this week and then we’ll be home for a couple days. Sedalia, get ready. We’re coming for you.

  • Thank YOU for putting on a great show. My son and I had a blast working the entry with the other volunteers. I hope you have a nice homestay, anytime you are home you are welcome to swing by and visit our church, harvest down 34 in Cash. Looking to the next Dallas show!


  • Mercy Me, tonight was incredible. Thanks for another amazing performance.

  • What a worshipful concert tonight at American Airlines!! Thanks to Curtis for getting us close seats to the stage. It was an amazing and blessed celebration of God’s love with the power of the Holy Spirit moving! God allowed a prayer to be answered tonight for me. It’s wonderful when you pray for something for a long time (7 years) and God makes it happen!! Then you can’t take the glory for it. Thank you Bart and Mercy Me for always making your relationship to Jesus SO obviously REAL!! can’t wait for next year!! 🙂

  • Wish I could have been at your Dallas show. My friend was & said it was a great night of loving the Lord! You are all awesome! Sending prayers & love your way from Oregon! p.s. Thank you for the phone chat & prayers.

  • The show last night was wonderful. It was a great worship experience and all of the bands did a great job of exalting Christ. I am curious what happened to Thousand Foot Krutch and Jars of Clay, they were both listed for coming to Dallas when we made plans to attend only to find out they were not there was kind of disappointing.