Dallas, TX

There’s nothing like it in the world. Hearing almost 15,000 Believers lifting their voices in worship. Thanks for letting us be a part of that last night Dallas.

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  1. I was there last night and it was Amazing!! Thank you so much for doing this event. I will be there again next year. I cannot miss it. I plan to bring all of my friends.

  2. HI AGAIN!!last night was so amazing to us,we took pictures with u guys.my husband is the one gave u guys a army cap signed by him.you guys really bring hapiness to our lifes and strenght when my husbandwas in iraq.we will never forget this amazing night.LOVE U GUYS> MANUEL LOGAN ,wife and kids.

  3. eba
    April 19, 2010 at 7:23 am
    I was SO SICK… I should have stayed home but I wasn’t going to miss it for anything. I had waited a year! I missed the 2009 show and had planned in advance for 2010. When the opportunity came up to buy donor passes we grabbed it. We were in early, picked our seats and ready before the doors opened. We ended up on the floor, center section, 7th row back, just under the screen. Awesome seats. I took a vacation day to be there and it was worth it! I was in a lot of pain and very ill but wasn’t leaving until it was over! Thank you to all the performers, the fans, the folks sitting near us who were understanding and kind, and to God who showed up to hear us worship Him!

  4. Awesome show, y’all were amazing and the love and presence of God was so tangible in that place. I cannot wait until you are back in TX. We will definitely make it back to see you. Keep doing God’s work and singing His praise.

  5. My daughters and I attended this year’s show with our church’s youth group. We attended last year’s concert also. We had an awesome time. God has blessed you with a ministry that reaches out to many people! Keep up with God’s work! We will see you next year, can’t wait! It’s a family tradition for us now! BTW

  6. We were there again this year!! Bart it is always good to see you and Joel again. I cannot tell you how impressed i was with your set, dude the opening rocked!!!

    And what a line-up for the whole evening! I had never heard of Family Force 5 before, but they are obviously the next Osmunds ;-). All the kiddos seemed to love them.

  7. What an awesome night! Love the new CD! My husband is Steven, he is the parts specialist with Prevost. Please tell Danny thank you for showing us some love!! We had a fabulous time at the concert and look forward to it each year!

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