34 comments on “Cover Tune Grab Bag – “I Wanna Be Like You”

  1. This video is SO funny. I shared it with all my Facebook friends. I’m STILL laughing. :) I follow you on Twitter and think your tweets are twawesome!

  2. I liked the nice touch of a banjo! my dad used to play that instrument and could practically make it talk, I enjoyed this grab bag alot!

  3. MercyMe and Bart…you guys have outdone yourself again. The Jungel Book was my favorite movie to watch with my kids (over and over!). I use to sing that song to my girls all the time…as well as march around the house leading them to Colonel Hathi’s Brigade march (the Elepahant from Jungle book).

    I love that you were able to include Baloo and King Louie, Nathan was great in his ‘supporting role’ (monkeying around!), and Bart, your mouthing the ‘Louie Armstrong trumpet’ solo was top notch. Great version guys!

    I am going to the show in a couple of weeks in Plymouth, MI and the Mrs. will be with me for her first MM concert.

  4. You guys are the BOMB!!+ Thanks for all you do. You are wonderful Christian artists, and can always make us laugh. Laughter is truly medicine for the soul. We love everything you do. Hope to see you live in concert this year. Safe travels.

  5. OK…I think this made me pee a little bit. That’s freakin hilarious. Glad to see Jim and Robby making a special guest appearance in the bag. MORE!!!!

  6. Just showed my daughter – THE OTHER RILEY – this video & she cracked up at Nathan & Jim in the background. She loved Bart singing and thought he was singing Scooby Doo. HAHAHA She loves the Cover Tune Grab Bags as much as we do! Looking forward to seeing you in Akron, OHIO on October 18, 2009.

  7. I am so glad I have internet again! So I can catch up with all that I missed. I think not having internet for almost 2 months was almost harder than leaving Texas. Well, maybe not. :(

    Come to the NW. Maybe The Gorge (10 miles south)! It is such an awesome venue.

    Thanks for the fun CTGB. Have to say, The Jungle Book characters really added some dimension to the group. Temps can do that sometimes. Now if Nathan had just worn his Tigger suit…..


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