31 comments on “Cover Tune Grab Bag – “La Bamba” (D.R. Edition)

  1. That was AWESOME! Right up there with “Shout” (which almost made me wet myself, by the way). Great job to all the singers!

  2. I was listening to Hold Fast a few minutes ago. That song stirs emotions of longing to be in the presence of Jesus. It also promotes and expectancy, a certain watching for our Lord.
    God Bless You All,
    -Lawrence McGaffie

  3. We may be a demanding bunch when it comes to the CTGB’s, but it’s only because each time is even more fun & awesome than the last!
    Loved how Jim, Nathan, & Robbie “hid” in the back. And Mike, you had some pretty good moves while playing the guitar!
    The kids were awesome. How much fun it must have been “rehearsing”!
    Thanks, guys, for the pick-me-up. I really needed it. :)

  4. That was awesome. Looks like the whole crew had a blast. I would say a joy for all involved. Way to go guys. You did well!!! It is great to see you making it fun for all.

    On another note, I just have to tell you that I Can Only Imagine is still moving hearts. We sang it in church yesterday and the alter was filled. God can use that song to move in amazing ways. I could write a book about what I have seen while that song was being sung. What a major blessing.

  5. Watching this I now realize that MercyMe is spreading its craziness throughout the world, literally. So great to see what those of us here in the States already know, MercyMe is awesome!

  6. That was awesome! It was good to see all the MM guys on board for this CTGB as well as some of the locals. Looks like Jose was having a good time too.

  7. Bart,
    You guys crack me up…rolling in the floor hysterically!!! Great cover tune, but Jump has got to be my favorite for the moment…keep ‘em coming!

  8. Y’all know about as much of the lyrics as I do…ba ba bamba…por que say day por que say day (lol I have no idea). Good times…

  9. Hey guys!!!
    It was great hanging out with you wall!! Bart you rock brother!! I hope we keep we tocuh and we can practice some more so that we can record “La Bamba unplugged”… (LOL)
    Well, got to go now. It was great having you in the Dominican. Stay in touch.

    Edison Anderson.

  10. That was so good i had to watch it twice — LOL !!! that was good– pretty cool that you guys were over there…..thanks for sharing God Bless!!!!! p.s. just love those CTGB’s

  11. I would have to agree with you Bart… that was the best CTGB EVER!
    I was bopping in my computer chair and wishing I knew the words!

  12. so i was thinking a good covertune would be my achy breaky heart by none other than billy ray cyrus. just a suggestion. love the others you have done.

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