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  1. AWSOME!!! You finnaly got Jim and Robby in there!

    I have to say, i was confused at first because i didn’t see Nate. i figured he would pop in later like in the Eye of the Tiger (or Tigger) CTGB, But then he suddenly pops up unexpectedly from behind everybody! That was funny.

    Was that Sam who popped up in the back? it happened so fast it was hard to tell.

    ps. Does this mean you won the American Music Award?

  2. That was so awesome! A CTGB with all the members of MM and high kicks from Bart! Great contribution, Nate. It stinks that I missed the live concert and chatting last night, but Building 429, After Edmund, and Addison Road (I really went to see them) were awesome. It was an amazing time of worship, as I’m sure your concert was as well. I barely had a voice when I go there, and by the time I left it was totally gone.
    Happy Weekend SLOBs!

  3. haha, I think that’s my new favorite CTGB! Robby and Jim finally got in wahoo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks boys….see now it was complete, all of MM. That was stinkin awesome…and Bart..the high kicks had me rolling. I only wish I would’ve seen it live to talk with everyone about it (I had all intention until I had to meet with my own tubby club, ugh). Oh man, I love! Robby and Jim…I think we all expect to see ya’ll in these all the time now! :) Happy Sat to MercyMe!

  4. Great to see ya’all together. My Dad lives in Shreveport and says he heard that over at his house!! Well done! If I can’t be there to disrupt his days, I’m glad you could!! :-)

  5. This was FABULOUS!!! Best one so far for me – because you were all there – When Nate jumped up I almost fell off the chair! Hi Kicks were astounding Bart! Not even the Rockets can do that!!! LOL — I missed you guys last night – but I had church to attend to and had an awesome blessing! If you are on tonight – I will be there with bells on!!! Pray to see more of all of yous in the upcoming CTGB videos… Be blessed :)

  6. Way to go! I love this song and I am so glad to see Robby and Jim in it. I am really enjoying the chats, you guys may not realize it but allowing us to interact with you all makes us feel like we know each of you on a personal level. You are the greatest band ever and my favorite!!!

  7. That was often. I have to agree I think it is my favorite so far. Thank MM so much for giving us grace and doing a CTGB (all together) after the concert last night. It was awesome to watch last night. I will definatley be tuning in to more of those. Keep them coming. Gotta love MM tv

  8. Robby, Jim, William, bongos, banjos, accordion and high kicks… I am SPEECHLESS! This one is my new favorite (hard to believe that I like it better than “Stayin’ Alive”). That was stinkin AWESOME! You guys are THE BEST!



  9. That was cool!! That was so my music in high school!!! I am so excited, I will see you guys live at Shoreline in Austin!!!!! Tomorrow night, I can not wait!!! I only wish I had found the MercyMe auction site before the Austin auction ended… I so would have won!!!! See you guys tomorrow!!

    God Bless and be safe on the road!!

    Abraham Weaver

  10. Thanks guys for putting this new one on! You ROCK! Hope you’re doing another online one tonight! Catch ya there! God Bless! PS remember to point your toe next time you kick! HA!

  11. in the 80s i just knew this song was missing that certain something. back then, i didn’t know what it could be, but now i do. it’s the accordian. yes, it makes all the difference in the world.
    and just imagine, if you can take david lee roth to the next level, what can you do for the phantom of the opera?? hhmmmm……….. i’ll bet andrew lloyd webber would stand in awe of you.

  12. I loved the CTGB and it was even better see it live the first time. So sorry i missed the live concert but i had to work and i really enjoyed the live chat. Now about those high kicks Bart, i hope you didn’t hurt yourself or anyone for that matter. (Just Kidding)! Nate, that was really cool that you had your son doing the jumps with you. All of you guys did a awesome job!

  13. Yeah, all the guys finally on this. I hope Jim & Robby know that we now expect them in all CTBG from now on :-)

    Hey Bart, you really need to check out Mark Hall from Casting Crowns’ blog. He posted the following challenge to you!!!

    ‘So this is what it has come to my friends. I challenge Bart Millard to a weightloss battle to the death… The death of chubbiness, that is. :-)

    Those of you in blog world, I encourage you to pass the news of this challenge on. Get word to him! If Bart accepts this challenge, we will weigh in and begin. Then at GMA week (dove awards week) we will see who has lost the most weight.’

    He wanted us bloggers/slobs to pass it on. I’d love for you to accept kick his hiney. ;-)

  14. WOW!!!!!!! all 6 of you doing CTGB!!! aaawww i think you guys just made history LOL for the first time all of you guys are in this —- I’m impressed … nice kicks Bart, Barry got some moves goin’ on…….wow!! good job guys Nate’s jumping was good tooo you all did wonderful!!!!

  15. YAY-finally the whole band for a CTGB-my life is now complete ;)

    Great job, guys-hopefully sometimes I will be home when you do your live concerts and chat! Blessings~

  16. Bravo! Simply Marvelous! Very nice having all in attendance but loving all the CTGB entries to date. I use these to show my non-christian friends and relatives that we can have good clean fun. My 11 yr old daughter makes her dad watch them with her and try as he may, he can’t hold back the smiles. (We’re praying for his salvation.) Keep havin fun!

  17. As already stated – good to see everyone involved. I am not sure if Robby and Jim saw you guys having all the fun or if they thought the only way to get people to stop requesting that the whole band participate was to go ahead and “jump” into the video, but sure glad whatever the reason was! You guys continue to keep me cracking up and enjoying the CTGB each and every time – more and more.

  18. Hello Mercy Me.

    I have to say, it is nice to see Jim and Mike in a CTGB!!! I love the accordian.

    To everyone else, please forgive me but I am about to shout:


    Okay, thanks. By the way, do you read all these comments? Or do you just look at the number of comments to see which CTBGs are the most popular? Because I have a lot to say to you folks.


    Love, Jim

    P.S. if you put all those Cover Tunes on a CD I would buy it.

  19. I thought I was having a David Lee Roth flashback!!! You know those guys could sell tickets to concerts just to do silly stuff like that…..oh, I almost forgot, they do those things sometime in concert now.

  20. I love this stuff! I have the best request. You guys have got to do “I’ve Got a Golden Ticket” from Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory. Harry Conick Jr. has a pretty cool version, but I can’t wait to see what MercyMe will do with this classic film tune!

  21. This is my first time to watch CTGB….I was laughing so hard I was crying. You guys are hysterical! Keep them coming.

    Thanks for being such a blessing to so many.


  22. funniest thing i’ve seen in a long, long time………almost had a “grabber” listening to this grab bag tune!

  23. This is the first time I have seen CTGB…I am totally hooked. You guys sure seem like you know how to have a great time. Thanks for all the great laughs. Mercyme, winning souls warming hearts and splitting sides all at the same time.

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