80 comments on “Cover Tune Grab Bag – “Ice Ice Baby”

  1. Oh. My. That was possibly the funniest thing I have seen (well with the exception of Charlie Bit Me but hey who can compete with two cute kids with english accents!)in my life…the singing (or the missing lyrics) and the dancing…no words describe the goodness of this cover tune grab bag. My new favorite :o)

  2. Who takes over after Bart stops “rollin”???

    I don’t blame Jim and Robby for sitting this one out! Stick to singing, boys…just stick to singing.

  3. Wow!!! I think tobyMac better watch his back, you guys are soooooo going to take over the Christian Rap/Hip Hop scene. Nathan your dance skills left me breathless (literally laughed until I could not longer breathe) :-)

  4. lol, wow…I have no words. I think the extra words were the best part….and Nathan, you crack me up dude! lol. At any rate, I’m visiting my family in IL and was hoping that I would be able to see your concert next weekend, but my flight leaves the next day and they live 3 hours a way, so there’s no way to make the concert and then my flight. Then you guys hit my home state of CA but are still 4 hours away at the closest show, ugh. I’m having MM concert withdraws.
    Keep the CTGB comming….these are totally entertaining!!!!

  5. I saw Bart’s twitter this morning when I woke up and thought oh no they didn’t. Got my coffee and proceeded to spit it everywhere, laughing so hard while watching this. Y’all are a HAZARD! But, you can’t not watch. What a wonderful funny start to my day. Thank you.

  6. That stunk. But the original did too. So you’re doing great!!


    I’m tellin’ you — Like a Virgin by Madonna — slutty wedding dress and black fingernail polish and all. Or Material Girl. HA!!

  7. All I can say is GO NATE!!!! You got the moves brother. I love it when you use the scarf to clean your mouth. Where else could we see……….such. Thanks for the wake up funny. You guys rock.
    The KY Christy

  8. I’m thinking maybe Mike should’ve been the lead in this one, or maybe he could’ve just played Bart the song a couple of times before y’all actually video’d! :0
    Great moves though, Nate!
    And I’m just grateful for Barry that he didn’t get knocked upside the chin with the guitar!
    Solid effort, guys, …solid effort.

  9. ROFL! Ok, that one was a slight challenge. Hehe Nate is, again, off in his own little world. You all are a riot.

  10. That was truly the funniest thing I have EVER seen!!! I really needed that this morning! Nathan funny does not even begin to describe your actions. Guys it was your best one yet!!!

  11. Thank you Mercy Me!! That was a hoot!

    Nathan…you should make a dance video… because those were SMOOTH moves! Your kids would be sooo proud.

  12. I saw this last night, and it was terrible. But on one hand i liked your efforts and i still don’t like that song. There was laugher along with not being able to breathe afterwards. Love those dance moves Nate really cool. Thank you guys for the laughs.

  13. Hey, just thinking that with the thousands of new comers you guys must be having, maybe on the next CTGB Bart should do a little intro for everyone so the “newbies” will know who we’re referring to in these comments. Wow, that may be the longest sentence ever written. Oh well, I’m a religion major…Just practicing my long-windedness :-).

  14. You guys are hilarious!
    Ya’ll should try doing “Extreme Days” or “J-Train” by tobyMac.
    Now that would be funny!

  15. ok folks, understand that the point of the grab bag is to record the song immediately, whether we know it or not. The comedy comes when we look and sound bad. Some songs we will know better than others. And when that happens… BRING ON THE DANCING!!!!!!!

  16. Gives you a new appreciation for rappers… and Vanilla ice was a bad rapper. There are much faster or more lyrically challenging than this one – of course not many are suitable for the Grab Bag. I’m not a huge rap fan, but it definitely takes talent to rap. But, good attempt anyways.

  17. They wouldn’t be near as funny if you all actually practiced before you recorded it! I love seeing you all silly… These CTGB’s really make my day!

  18. Two of my favorite parts are when Bart goes “I LOVE TO SING!!… Jazz hands.” Dude, that is so funny. The other part is where Bart deeply sighs and stops rapping. Keep these coming guys.

  19. just when I think they can’t get any better, along comes this masterpiece. That was a true work of art. I’m just wondering why Jim and Robby have yet to make an appearance. I know That will be spectacular!!

  20. Bart…. you’re gonna have to do a lot of scrunching together to get Jim & Robbie in the visual field!! I think you might have to do sychronized dancing… otherwise… I Can Only Imagine the headaches ya’ll will have from bumping heads!

  21. Very good job on a not very good song :) Please do some New Kids on the Block, it would fit in with your dancing very well. I can’t get enough of these, they are great!
    God Bless

  22. You all are hilarious! This song I don’t like and never did, but the others are so funny. Thanks for a good laugh.

    I have some suggestions for your songs: make a Michael Bolton impersonation, along with a Celine Dion song, a Phil Collins, Sting, Bryan Adams….

    Keep them coming! :)

  23. Thanks for the Cover Tune Grab Bags! It makes my day!

    Here are my suggestions for songs:
    Seal – Kiss From a Rose
    Marc Cohn – Walking in Memphis
    John Waite – Missing You
    Sting – Every Breath You Take
    Whitesnake – Hear I Go Again

  24. Sorry for doggin’ you Bart. It just seemed like Mike had gotten into it a lot more than you and you just got frustrated with the whole thing.
    It was very comical and enjoyable! And I especially liked the ‘jazz hands’. :)
    Keep ‘em coming…


    One last request: “Can’t Touch This” by MC Hammer, and yes, I’m also requesting MC Hammer pants and do the funny little dance!!! STOP, it’s Hammertime!

    God Bless MercyMe!
    Keep On Keepin’ On


  26. BY FAR that was my favorite one yet!!! HATE that song too, but FINALLY enjoyed listening to it. Barts facial expressions were priceless!

  27. That was my least fav of your CTGB’s but it did still make me laugh and I love you guys…keep it up…remember my recommendation….Johnny Cash, do something from the late great man in black…please?

  28. Yeah . Who picked THAT song ? That sorry to say esspecially to you guys was terrible!!! But on a positive note very funny . Hows about Mercyme’s version of “I saw the light” ?

  29. Nate your dance moves make this CTGB. Can’t wait to see the next CTGB. We too don’t like the song but you at least made it humorous to watch.

  30. OK…picture someone hitting their forehead with their head in utter disbelief….thats me….

    Oh no you di’int

  31. just moved and spent almost 2 wweks away from the internet and missing CTGB songs feeling good to get back in and way to funny!! Bart i think your face is like half in the camera and half out!! Nate is just too much LOVED IT!!!!!!

  32. Okay fella’s – I visited this because you got my curiosity going after you mentioned it at your phenominal concert in Santa Barbara Friday night…….and what I have to say is…..please, please stick to what you guys do….praise and worship music…. :) Nice try and everything but please…

    How ’bout performing to the wiggles instead next time?????

  33. Saw you guys in Houston 08 01 08. Awesome show. Could’nt wait to check out your CTGB. You people cracked me up. You’re living proof that God has a sense of humor. Can I get an Amen. Love yall. God bless.

  34. you guys were so awsome i loved that version much better than the real one.my favorite part was the jazz hands.you guys rock,god bless

  35. Oh, My Goshhh!!! Hahaha. That was awesome! Lol… I couldn’t stop laughing. :) I think that you guys should try “Filled With The Spirit” off of youtube. It’s hilarious… I think you guys should also do the little dance that he has on there. It’s VERY easy. I did it at the Fellowship of Christian Athletes Leadership Camp and everyone thought it was hilarious. I was at Worlds of Fun in Kansas City, and you guys totally rocked the stage!!!

  36. Make sure it’s the “Filled with THE Spirit” Though… not the filled with your spirit one… I think there’s only one video of the one I want you to try. It’s awesome though. Uhmm… By Smitty I think.

  37. This is the husband that his wife be hugged at the Carowinds youth minister meeting. You were great yesterday! I agree I hate this song as well. Also, you guys are just a bunch of youth minsters that happen to be a “big time” recording artists. The grab bag is funny. I am going to make the youth see these. Thanks!

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