25 comments on “Cover Tune Grab Bag – “Footloose”

  1. Cut loose, footloose! I requested this song way back when you did Girls Just Wanna Have Fun and NOW you finally do it!



  2. We’re all laughing. Rob must not have taken a shower…no one wanted to dance with him. Nathan’s eye brow was hysterical. Was Jim sore after that jump? The front row….no words. Thanks for the entertainment!

  3. Wow! That really was impressive and hilarious all at the same time! You guys are just amazing! I sure wouldn’t mind seeing and hearing your version of Girls Just Wanna Have Fun. I read that you did that at one time. Think you could post it again sometime. That song, drives my Dad nuts. I sing it to him every chance I get. I tell him he needs a laid back tied dyed attitude about life. Gotta have Fun! Thanks guys! Love ya lots.

  4. MercyMe,

    I absoloutely love your music. It produces a great message to everyone. Ultimately, I LOVE your CTGB’s. They always give me a smile when I’m down.

    Thank you!

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