74 comments on “Cover Tune Grab Bag – “Don’t Stop Believin”

  1. I was so delighted to visit your site just now to find you have posted yet another Cover Tune Grab Bag. They are indeed an inspiration to all of us. One day we shall look back and say “remember the days before the Cover Tune Grab Bag?” And those in our midst will nod somberly and say “such bleak times.”


  2. I have never witnessed such pure awesomeness in 2 minutes and 55 seconds. For a second there, I believe I was beginning to tear up. Bravo men, Bravo.
    I wouldn’t care if you only did Journey songs on the cover tune grab bag series. Awesome, simply awesome.

  3. Alright… some Journey!! Awesome!
    But, what’s with the mariachi ending??
    Great job though, guys.
    But, I’m telling you, Bart. You better watch that voice! I’d hate to think you killed your vocal chords doing CTGB hits for all us SLOBbers!

  4. I was soooo excited to see another CTGB so soon. I could watch these everyday. Great choice in covering Journey….it was definately…..*special*. lol. Keep them coming…they are the highlight of my day, seriously, I can’t wait to see the next one already. But going off what Jessica said….we don’t want to lose another incredible Christian band due to losing the singing voice….so keep them coming guys, please!!!!…but give your voices the royal treatment too, ok? :)

  5. Awesome. So much awesomeness wrapped up in 2 minutes and 55 seconds. You guys are dedicated slobbers for sure. God bless. Loved your rendition. ;)

  6. This is my favorite so far. Mike, your hillarious and I loved the stinky part. Nate, so serious at the beginning and the expressions are priceless. Barry, you crack me up, I think Bart even scares you sometimes. Bart, what can I say, the high pitch, the Spanish at the end and being able to skip the bad parts without much notice. You my friend did well. This is a good thing. Smiles are awesome!!! and Laughter is a good medicine!!! I feel good after this. Who needs vitamins???

  7. Bart I was at your concert in Phoenix the other night It was great. Great Cover song also Tom Petty didn’t know he had written a worship song. How about “Life is a Highway” by Rascal Flats. We did this in our church and it was fun
    We are doing a Route 66 series based on the 66 books of the Bible, thats how we tied in. Thanks for your Music and your deadication to the Lord. T Lane

  8. Tom: ohhh, MM is still doing Tom Petty (what’s the name, “Won’t back down”?) in concerts? awesome..now only if they could make it about 4 hours north of Bakersfield, CA into N. CA….we’d be happening. Last Nov in Modesto was the last time they were here…that’s 9 months ago. That’s where I fell in love with their rendition of that song…I bought the song after that concert…but MM does it alot better then Tom Petty. Songs to add to future cd’s “Won’t back Down” and “Ten Simple Rules” (that’s what it was called right?) I’m having MM concert withdrawls…*eagerly awaiting MM concert #10* :)

  9. So I’m going to see Journey in 2 weeks and I do believe you just raised the bar…I hope they can live up to the awesomeness that is MM CTGB! I’ll let you know ;)

  10. Lawsie, lawsie. You sent my better half off with a huge smile this morning.

    If you knew the morning person, he’s NOT- you’d understand the sheer magnitude of the statement :)

    More! More!

  11. Seriously Bart, you better not be straining those vocal cords doing CTGB. You only have two weeks to recover before Chicago. Loved it though! Although, it’s slightly suspicious that you said it’s a “fresh” CTGB when you’re wearing the same clothes as in the last CTGB. I see why he was making a stinky motion now;-)

  12. I was at the concert in Phoenix on Sunday. What a show! My second MM concert and I loved it even more than the first one. I had to check out the CTGB and that was simply amazing and hilarious at the same time. I’ll be watching more and hopefully see you guys back in Phoenix in the future!

  13. for those of you new to the blog and the CTGB, you can see older ones we have done by clicking on the CTGB link at the top right of the page….just for you newbies out there!!!


  14. My ears are bleeding. Can you lower the key a little next time?

    Okay, still my favorite thing you do on this site. Well, except for when you show videos of “people” getting sick on roller coasters. That’s my absolute favorite. This is a near second.

  15. By the Way Mike…
    What is that guitar that you keep playing in these cover tune grab bags? It seems too small to be a dreadnought.

  16. Bart do you have a voice ….after that??? that was good…i enjoy the dancing ones…. but i’ll be patient im only 39 butI do like the facial expressions… i dont think Nate was head banging in this one though— and of course NO JIM & ROBBY do they know you guys are doing the CTGB songs???!!!LOL :)

  17. I am really proud the last two CTGB had some Texas Ranger love in them! Much better than that Sox stuff. These are great, keep them coming. I remember requesting M. Bolton with Mike doing the lead vocals, when will I get that?

  18. Saw you guys in the megatropolis of Olathe Colorado July 5th. The Holy Spirit laid heavy on Western Colorado that night!
    Since your instrumental and vocal skills seem to be coming along I think it’s time for you to bust out the “Mary Tyler Moore” theme song on CTGB. Yeah…I’m an old guy. I just feel in my heart that “…you’re gonna make it after all.” Bart, feel free to throw your beret into the air after the song. (I hope that there is someone else old enough to understand this!”
    Seriously, you guys keep fighting HIS good fight!

  19. My wife is hooked on the Cover Tune Grab Bag! Now she has me hooked on it too! We think the next tune should be “Juke Box Hero” by Foreigner or “Wanted Dead or Alive” by Bon Jovi, but you have to do the lyric “I’ve seen a million faces, and I’ve rocked them all”. “Rock and Roll Band” by Boston” would be good too, because you could say, “We were just another band out of Greenville”.

    Steve and Kim

    P.S – Please come back to Baltimore – Baltimore, not somewhere in the hills of MD like Hagerstown, what with the Blair Witch and all.

  20. How about Africa by ToTo? That would be awesome. Bart be careful! We want you to preserve your voice! When is Jim and Robby going to partake? They should be in on this. Especially have Jim bring in a keyboard so he can play Faithfully or Open Arms.

  21. You just made my oldest daughter’s day!!! She requested this song after the first CTGB. She is so excited. Great Job Guys. Keep it up.
    See you on the 23th at the OC Fair. Yeah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  22. Bart- did you edit, actually censor, the second verse? I think that’s great, this is a family S.L.O.B., right?

    Okay, let’s preserve the Bart-o-matic vocal machine with something lower register: maybe some sixties Hollies: Bus Stop or the like.


  23. Bart,
    Ouch! Get some honey for those vocal chords. OK,your a professional-can I get advice from you-laugh- Request-The Lion’s sleep tonight. Ohwhemaway Ohwhemaway Ohwhemaway-the Lions sleep tonight.
    Love you guys

  24. Mike…
    I thought it looked like an epiphone/gibson headstock, but wasn’t sure.
    It has a nice sound to it; even considering the poor audio quality from a laptop. Robby’s guitar almost looks as big as he does. lol. I’d like to see him play a Taylor Grand Auditorium or a Gibson Jumbo. lol.


  26. You guys know how to put a smile on my family’s faces in the morning. We can’t wait to see what you’ll pull out of your hat for the next CTGB. We will wait as patiently as we can for more dancing but we can’t wait to see you in Kansas City next weekend. Hopefully you’ll do some of the covertunes during the show.

  27. I love it!!! Journey rock with Texas Ranger tees!! Go Texas, best State of the 50! Anyway…Bart you have awesone tonsils…you do have tonsils right? Or what was that I saw…maybe just your vocal cords which I might say are typically superb vocal cords. I love MM and I love CTGB…could you do some Johnny Cash? bye for now from TX!

  28. You guys are hilarious.
    I would love to see you do “You give love a bad name” by Bon Jovi. Or “Amish Paradise” by Weird Al Yankovick. Amish paradise would be great since alot of the amish from Wisconsin moved here to Oak Hill, Ohio. The amish are my neighbors! Really nice people but when they sweat…well let’s just say they don’t use deodorant =]


  29. I just got the email about this blog and had to check it out. I haven’t laughed so hard while sitting at my computer in a very long time! Too funny! Can’t wait to see the next one!

  30. I agree with Kaleb, in that I wouldn’t mind hearing more Journey songs on the CTGB. I’m still waiting to hear you do Faithfully. This song shouldn’t put a strain on your voice and Jim really needs to play the piano on the this song.

    I would like to see you guys do some dancing to the Cupid Shuffle or Cha Cha Slide.

  31. I’m surprised that only one other person noticed the censorship. Nice catch, Bart. I very much enjoyed your reaction as you realized what you were about to sing was less than family friendly. :)

  32. I caught the censorship, and so did my granddaughter as she thought he messed up. I had to explain to her that he changed it up a bit.

  33. Wow, and Journey hasn’t called you to come out on tour with them?? You have been so robbed! (says the all time Journey fan..yes, I am that old..I still have the vinyl!)

    Loved it..you guys crack me up! Rock on you awesome dudes of music.

    Sara..the fan in San Antonio

  34. You guys have such great songs. This stuff is simply just fun. Now I can start using UTUBE on my iPhone when I need a musical chuckle! If only the Lord blessed us all with your talents! Keep it up. Nice Hats by the way!

  35. I so want to see (or should I say hear?)you all do some CTGB’s at the Knoxville show!! Make you a deal… You sing one of those songs & me & my family will wera SLOB t-shirts! So… Do we have a deal??

  36. I LOVE the COVER TUNE GRAB BAGS!!! They sure brighten up my days!! PLEASE KEEP THEM COMING!!!
    Love your music! Can’t wait to see you at the Rangers game!

  37. Since Steve Perry is no longer with Journey maybe we could get him to do a song with Bart. What a duet that would be! Bart, you could wear the tuxedo tails too just like the one he wore the last few years he was with Journey.

    Sara, I guess that makes me old too as I have always been a huge fan of Journey. By the way, even though I have their cd’s I also have the vinyl and the cassettes as well. :)

  38. I’m hooked. I had to go back to watch the older CTGB videos again because they all remind me to laugh my stresses of this world away. Fun loving guys who love the Lord. Sooo refreshing :) I have yet to make it to a concert but rest assured, I buy the music. If I could afford the cruise ship, I would be there in 09.

  39. Ok, I’m with the SlobberKing. WE WANT TSHIRTS!!
    Who’s with us?? I’m thinking if we get enough comments asking for them, they may become available. Ok, maybe not, but it’s worth a shot….Power to the SLOBS!!! Get to commenting!

  40. I have enjoyed Cover Tune Grab bag very much! You guys are awesome. I am looking forward to your concert in Bakersfield on July 22, Thanks for coming back. This will be my 7th MM Concert!

    It would be great if you did CTGB of NEW KIDS ON THE BLOCK, PLEASE DON’T GO GIRL

    God Bless you guys!

  41. Thanks for that Bart. My kids are so tired of listening to Journey (w/ Steve Perry) that it is nice to see Mercy Me doing a cover song. Just goes to show you how talented Steve Perry is and how beautiful his voice is. God Bless you guys!!!!

  42. Hey great job!!

    can you do Bring em Out by Hwak Nelson???

    i Would LOVE that!!!

    good job at Heartfest at Worlds of Fun!!!!!!

  43. An indication of your prowess, the sign of true professionals – unafraid to approach that which heretofore only shower singers attempt in the privacy of their homes. Bravo. Don’t stop! Believing!

  44. Thought we were gonna lose you there for a second, Bart. Careful not to harm that beautiful God given voice of yours. My request is that you do “Parents just don’t understand” by Dj Jazzy Jeff and the Fresh Prince AKA Will Smith. I love you crazy people.

  45. I love all the Cover Tune Grab Bags, but this one is still my favorite. A couple of requests: In the Jungle, Respect, and He’s Going the Distance by Cake.

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