6 comments on “Cover Tune Grab Bag – “Don’t Bring Me Down”

  1. When’d you do that? We saw you last night in Evansville and saw this today — any chance this was last night in Evansville? By the way, appreciate the Tom Petty number. Also, thought you’d like to know that my wife and I both came away saying it was worth it — the 2-hour drive we made to get there, the tickets, souvenirs, etc… all the cost and effort that goes into going to a concert. Our 9 y.o. daughter walked out and said to us,” I think this is the best day of my life!” Doesn’t get any better than that. Her very first real concert. I don’t know how much $$$ you guys make, but I know you could make more – I appreciate the reasonable ticket price last night. Great show that the family could afford… and still go to Waffle House if we wanted to (we didn’t).

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