72 comments on “Cover Tune Grab Bag – Dead Or Alive

  1. Hahahaha!! lol! I love it!! I love the “tobymac attack!” And it was cool how all the Roadshow-ers were there. Great job!

  2. That’s awesome! The whole gang showed up for this one. :) I especially loved seeing John Reuben and Jeremy Camp! Although, I did start having horrible flashbacks of marching band for some reason. ;)

  3. That was a fantastic way to get together and end the tour with a CTGB!!!!

    Someone wants your testimony dead (not alive) because he hasn’t been very happy with what you accomplished on this tour–but too bad for him because–

    “You, dear children, are from God and have overcome them, because the one who is in you is greater than the one who is in the world.” (1 John 4:4)

    What all of you did on this tour for the Lord was amazing–and your testimony is certainly alive!!

  4. That is flippin’ awesome! Epic ending to an Epic tour! Thanks guys for your hearts for the Lord, your sense of humor and energy and for thinking outside the box about ministry! Saw RAWRS in person once and untold number of times with the onlne body of Christ. Thanks again!

  5. Too funny!!!!!
    Thanks for the Road show. My daughter and I will definitely be there in 2010.
    See you in September at the DiamondBack’s Game!!!

  6. Leo Kotke would be jealous of the massive amount of guitar talent. Sure hope Big Joel is ok…

    Thanks for the laughter…it is the best medicine and an instant vacation!

    Until the next time my friends.

    Lbee and the HoneyFamily….aka HoneyHeads

  7. This was absolutely awesome! I was at the East Lansing Rock and Worship Roadshow, and everyone was absolutely amazing. Thank you so much for putting that show on. I love how everyone from the show was in this CTGB. =]

  8. That was awesome, I loved it! Bon Jovi and TobyMac, it was a perfect fit.

    It was so cool to see everyone participating on the CTGB. I’m gonna miss the RAWRS concerts. What am I gonna do to fill my Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday evenings?

  9. That was great guys! Going to miss our nights watching RAWRS and chatting with brothers and sisters in Christ. Hope to see you in Wichita again next year.

  10. AWESOME one of my faves. You guys can rock anything. Gonna miss your guys every weekend how will my habit be filled.

  11. Ya’ll make a Daddy proud! Proud I say! Proud!!!!
    Sooo happy to see I have a beautiful new granddaughter. Super way to go Robby and Margaret!
    I have so many grand kids now, that when we get to Texas I will have a job just keeping then apart. NOT!!

  12. Awesome CTGB! Loved it!

    Thanks so much for all you guys do and the Roadshow tour was amazing to watch online. Maybe next year i will try to make it out to one of the shows. God bless you guys. Again thank you!

  13. THAT WAS INCREDIBLE! One of the best Cover Tune Grab Bags ever! Thank you guys for broadcasting your tour live over the internet. It was truly amazing.

  14. THat Was SO cool!
    Awesome that you used a whole ton of people… i was hoping you’d do that before the tour was over:)

  15. thanks to all of you who made RWRS available for the crowds at the arenas and those of us online. a show like this is a huge production and i can only imagine how hard each of you had to work. your ministry is reaching all age groups and making a difference in many lives. i watched 1-2 shows each weekend and want to thank Brody for all he did, plus many others in the background. keep up the good work, safe travels and get some rest. you must all be exhausted!! we love you guys!!!

  16. I was at the Springfield show last night and you guys ROCKED!! Everyone did. Especially loved Camp and his Dad jammin on the harmonica. Can’t wait til next year!!

  17. Randy Jackson: Yo, yo, it was with it dawg. You really took a classic rock song and made it your own. You have really stepped up this competition!
    Paula: You know I love you guys and have from the start. I really thouht you did a good job with a dozen guitars and who would have ever thought to add an acordian for the lead? You guys really stepped up this time…

    Simon: Can I be honest…That was complete rubish! From the stupid chorus of guitars, to the rediculus accordian, John Reuben rapping a verse, mm’s pastor and stage manager carrying the drummer. You completely and utterly ruined a classic song an reached a new low in CTGB Idol. The only redeeming quality was that it was filmed from a rolling lift truck/cherry picker, that part was briliant.

    WallyfromMichigan: I loved it! The ‘industrial backstage’ backdrop, making sure that every brother in the guitarist union is included and a great choice of song…what more could be asked for.

  18. That was AWESOME!!! Love having all the extras. We were crying when the drummer had to start walking. Always a great laugh and great medicine. Love you all!!
    Your sister in Christ

  19. Thank you for an amazing tour and an amazing CTGB. I can’t wait till next year. Just make sure you come back to Ontario, CA.

  20. You can’t get better than this……. My all time, absolute FAVORITE band (+ a few additions!), singing one of my 2nd favorite band’s songs!!! You guys are awesome!! Thanks for keeping me entertained!!!! Love ya!!

  21. First GB I’ve seen, now I’m disappointed that I just found you off of FB and your tour is over. I have to say by reading the former replies your fan “WallyfromMichigan” is your best fan and writer. You need to find him and give him a spot on your site. I love you guys you have truly touched a million souls with your songs. Please don’t ever take for granted what God has blessed you with and always use it to His glory and you will be blessed beyond measure.

  22. You guys have always been in a league of your own when it comes to worship and making us all laugh with the CTGB, but to be able to bring so many others along for the ride and have them join in this mayhem is just classic!

  23. lol…………i was a little late in finding the video…..not so good at that…lol…..loved the roadshow and basicly everything else…i begin to think what separates the big artists from the rest of us is not pure musical talent, but a crazy imagination, and the insane personality to do the stuff you come up with……i can only imagine what that must feel like…..lol…pun totally intended (even though its a bad pun…is there any other kind???)….God bless, hope to see you next year! Come back to Sprigfield mo! we love ya here!

  24. I loved that Bon Jovi song, my 11 yr old thinks that song is the theme song to the tv show “Deadliest Catch”. He doesnt even know who Bon Jovi is!!! Great Jon you guys.

  25. I loved the random tobymac inserted in there randomly. (sorry, that redundant sentence was rather redundant)

  26. I loved the random tobymac inserted in there randomly. (sorry, that redundant sentence was rather redundant)

  27. Yea! Bon Jovi!! Thank you…

    So I’m sad… I bought my Mother’s Day present (yes, for myself from my husband) at your Wichita Road Show Concert – a long sleeved MM tee and then last Thurs we had a house fire and it was ruined. So I went online tonight to order another and no long sleeved shirts AND no 2X! Is there anywhere besides the next concert that I can go to get another 2X MM shirt???


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