“Clark, That There Is An RV”


That’s right folks….the Scheuchzers are going on an RV trip from Greenville, TX to Falmouth, ME. Be watching for blog posts, Flicker pics, and headlines about an RV upside down in a ditch!!!!

10 comments on ““Clark, That There Is An RV”

  1. I am soooo jealous. I’ve been wanting to do that for three years now. Hopefully next year I can convince my hubby to take all of us on a road trip. Have fun!!

  2. Looking forward to the posts and the pics but I do not want to see any headlines about a RV upside down in ditch. Have a fun trip.

  3. Cool! “Now don’t you go fallin’ in love with (that RV), ’cause we’re gonna take it with us when we leave here next month.” God bless!

  4. Have an awesome time Mike! Will be praying for travel mercies! Be safe!

    BTW: awesome show at Spring Celebration at Great America in Santa Clara, CA on Sat. Alot different without Jim….but I was still enjoying my 11th MM concert…I was the girl in the bright pink MM shirt in the front row dancing like crazy. I did the same thing in Fresno (RAWRS) from the second row….was right in front of you then too with the sign that said “MM-SLOB and MMOB”, haha. I’m hoping that I’ll FINALLY get to meet ya’ll at Spirit West Coast Monterey…it’ll be my birthday, so it would be an awesome birthday present! ;)

  5. Dear Lord, Please let Mike back out of his driveway safely amen. Small victories folks…small victories.

  6. I am guessing that the reference to Clark is from National Lampoon’s Vacation?! I hope they can’t make a movie about your family the way they did that one. I will pbe praying for a safe trip for you and your family. I have some friends who drove from the east coast to the west coast last year and loved it. Have a great time!

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