13 comments on “Choosing A Setlist For Tonight

  1. Sulphur Springs followers! Homesick and Finally Make it Home!!! I have lost both my mom and dad and these two songs make me think of them. See you in December!

  2. It must be very hard to balance what the fans expect with what the band likes (and is NOT sick of singing). You guys never disappoint, however. Great job, and God bless!

  3. Hi, I have seen you guys quite a few times and I love all of your songs, but one of my favorites is “Homesick” and you seem to never play that one, I’m wondering why. Thanks, Cindy James

  4. Have you thought of pulling song titles out of a hat. Maybe add a few wild cards for audiance choice. Just a thought.

    You guys are great. Saw you in Edmonton, Alberta at Breakforth. God Bless.

  5. Wow! You are awesome! Today, my husband text me to “Hold fast, help is on the way” I said, did you get this from God? He said, yeah, through Mercy Me too. He said he wanted to hear a Mercy Me song and your Hold Fast song started playing. See, the funny thing is, we have been through a very tough season and sometimes don’t think it will start to get better. Wow- your song helps- thank you from my heart!

    Bless you all-

    Michelle Zuniga

  6. It is all good no matter what you play!

    Would love to hear Sanctified (acoustic version)….also, loved the AA cover of Tremble on the last tour….it was amazing. Wish you would release a recording!!!

    See you in Omaha-God Bless.

  7. You guys did a GREAT job Friday in Jackson!!! Best moment of the concert for me… during “I Can Only Imagine” I’m caught in the moment praising God and opened my eyes for just a moment. I notice my son and daughter, 8 and 12, arms outstretched singing along with me. WOW!!!

  8. I know this is probably not the purpose of this site but my friend Stefanie lost a good friend …named Joe …to suicide this week.

    I invited her to your concert and she will be there tonight. Not sure if you can do this….but I think she would really appreciate knowing that she is in your thoughts and prayers. (She has been thinking it could partially be her fault)

    Thank you!


    PS Oh and of course please play I Can Only Imagine & Measure of a Man. My 13 year old son will be there and sometimes bothered he’s not the “biggest and best” and he doesnt even realize how amazing he really is!

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