San Diego 2008

Submitted by:  Ryan Moynihan Picture was taken at the San Diego show in July.  It was the first time my girlfriend and her family  saw you guys and they absolutely loved it.   PS.  Bart, I like the new Justin T-lake hat and Nathan the all white 70’s Staying Alive disco outfit was fantastic 🙂


Submitted By:  Barbara Marshall Thanks so much for coming to Phoenix to play you guys are awesome.  Bart my son also has Juvenile Type 1 Diabetes and I found out yours did by the t-shirt you wore in this picture.  How can I get one of those shirts I would love one and so wouldRead More

Groucho MercyMe

We were a little embarrassed to be seen with MercyMe, so we had them wear these groucho glasses for the photo, hoping they wouldn’t be identified. Just kidding!  The whole night was an honor and privilege.  Thanks guys! Submitted By: The Honey Family Bowron

Kansas City

Thanks for your hearts, for worship! Im 43, and was saved at 33. Never knew christian music existed. I have seen MANY “christian” concerts in the last 10 years. I have not missed one yet, of you all. The Hymms are PRICELESS as with the scripture! I have to say, you should do the “TenRead More

Greeneville, TN

This pic was taken at the concert in Greeneville, TN… June 20, 2008 You guys were awesome!!! Submitted By:  Jolene Pierce

Bloomington, IL

This was my 30th Birthday in Bloominton, Illinois. What a great Birthday it was to be here with you guys!!! Submitted by: Michelle Brussel