The Great MercyMe Concert Poll

So we touched on it last night a little last night, but we’re really hoping that the great people of the Internet can help us out.  With so many different avenues of communication these days, it’s hard to distinguish between what’s actual communication and what’s just adding to the noise.  We certainly don’t want toRead More

Lovewell Live 2011

Well, the Lovewell Live 2011 Tour is officially over. We had an absolute blast with Natalie and Brandon. Thanks to everyone who came out to see the show and those that followed this thing online. Here’s a clip of from tonight’s show. Every night we had a special treat on the side of the stage.Read More

Peoria, IL

Tonight marked the second to the last show of the tour.  Lovewell Live 2011 only has one more night and we couldn’t imagine spending it with anyone else.  Illinois, you guys were loud.  We had a blast hanging out with you tonight.  We love coming to this part of the country. Today we took theRead More

Davenport, IA

Iowa, if you pay any attention to the History Channel you’ve probably seen the show American Pickers.  Well today a few of us took a little trip down the road to see the shop and happened to be there when the star of the show Mike Wolfe was there.  He said the History Channel makesRead More

Kentwood, MI

Michigan, what a great way to end the week.  First off, we love your town.  We spent some of the day today taking the scooters out and finding a stand alone Starbucks.  What’s with all your Starbucks being inside grocery stores?  We finally found one over by the mall, so that was great.  We didRead More

Elida, OH

What an amazing crowd tonight!  The way you guys were packed in there and singing so loud was priceless.  Absolutely amazing. We spend most of the day over at your mall wandering around.  Some of the crew guys played some baseball in the field and Barry ran across the street to a garage sale andRead More