Grand Rapids, MI

Michigan, you know how to host a party. Tonight was nothing short of fantastic. The place was packed, you guys sang your hearts out and we had a blast. Thanks for making this a place we look forward to coming to every year. We’re still making a few tweaks to the set so, if youRead More

Madison, WI

Well folks, we kicked it off tonight. Madison, Wisconsin there’s no other place we’d rather start this thing going. Thanks for braving the weather and coming out to the show. This place is COLD. We spent most of the day working out some bugs, getting our gear ready and trying to stay warm. The snowRead More

The Roadshow – Sacramento, CA

Sacramento California. We have waited a long time for this show. This is easily one of the best shows of the tour. Not only that, but this is consistently one of the best shows of the life of The Roadshow.  We’re currently sitting on the bus getting ready to head to Fresno to close thisRead More

The Roadshow – Seattle, WA

Seattle, you guys were so great tonight you deserved two pictures.  Look at all you people.  There’s tons of you.  What a blast.  You guys were easily the loudest crowd of the tour so far.  Thanks for making tonight such a great night.  Spokane, you’ve got your work cut out for you tomorrow. Seattle, we’llRead More