Happy GMA Week

So people always want to know what being at GMA week is like. Well this a little taste of how crowded it gets. I get a touch claustrophobic in big crowds. So if it looks like I’m hiding in the corner its because I am. I don’t mind talking to people, I just don’t likeRead More

New Venture

So as most of you know, I am getting my feet wet at being a band manager and I’m still learning all the ins and outs of this occupation. The first band that was brave enough to take me on as their manager is a band named Addison Road. Their a new band from hereRead More

And the Neighbors Rejoiced – “Lazy Part 2

So as some of you read, I get really lazy when it comes to taking down the Christmas lights off of my house. Im good about doing it on the inside, but the outside shows how lazy I really am. So a mere 54 days after Christmas, I finally took down the Christmas lights offRead More

Addison Road

Hey fellow Bloggers…. its Robby here. I wanted to let you guys know about a great band named Addison Road. They are a band out of Dallas that has signed with INO Records, which is the label we are on. The self titled record hits the shelves on March 18th.The reason Im bringing this upRead More

Just A Quick Thought

So I haven’t posted a blog in awhile. I have been really busy. But I got this email from a friend in my small group today. Im not one to be overly spiritual with these, but I thought it was a good word and encouragement. Hope all you bloggers do too. Robby J. C. Philpot,Read More

Superbowl v. Tivo

Usually about this day every year, I have a few friends over to eat food and watch the game. More importantly to watch the commercials. Well since the invention of a thing called “TIVO”, my sports watching has changed. I like to start watching whatever sporting event it is about an hour past when itRead More

Too Big To Play

So what happens when you buy your son a Lightning McQueen tent for his Birthday? He asks you to play in it with him. Unfortunately, he doesnt realize that Im to big to play in it. But being the good father that I am, I did my best to climb through the tent. But forRead More