Gulf Shores Family Vacation

Last week we went to Gulf Shores, AL for the annual family vacation that Abby’s family has taken since she was 8 years old. It was an amazing time as always, our kids love playing with their cousins and amazingly they can go all week without any real battles breaking out. Abby’s MawMaw Hazel, orRead More

Waffle House Note

We were eating at Waffle House after the show in Greenville, TN tonight and we were given a note from a lady…. it read… Dear MM- You are sitting where I last talked to my son who loved your music.  He was killed in Iraq in 11/04.  Just wanted to say thanks and God BlessRead More

Last Stop!

Bastrop, LA…. Just in time to catch Caleb’s little league game. We’ll spend a night with the cousin’s then off to G-Ville we go!!!!

Back In The South

We’re driving thru Alabama on our way to our nephew’s baseball game. It’s been a crazy few days….not much sleep and we need a break from this RV in a bad way. Loved the trip, but TX to Maine and back in 10 days was a bit ambitious. -mike