The Roadshow – Huntsville, AL

Tonight over 1200 people were turned away from The Roadshow because the building was too full.  Huntsville, Alabama we were thrilled to spend the night with you.  You guys were truly a blessing to us.  We’re 2 nights into this thing and couldn’t be happier with the way things are going.  There’s something special about travelingRead More

The Roadshow – Biloxi, MS

Biloxi, if you were wondering how to kick off a tour, tonight was how you do it.  We had an absolute blast starting this tour with you tonight.  We are so excited to spend the next few weeks on the road with every band out here.  There’s some amazing talent and we love watching itRead More

Memphis, TN

Every night during “Alright” in our set the rest of the tour knows that it’s time to dance. Because tonight was the last night of the tour that means there needed to be some serious dancing that went down. Here’s a quick little video of the entire tour breaking it down with us in Memphis.Read More

“Alright” In Wichita, KS

We had a blast tonight in Wichita. Look at these dancers. Especially the guy in the white shirt. Yeah, you see him. Talk about gettin down. We loved spending the night with you guys. Thanks for making Wichita one of the best nights of the tour. You’re going to be hard to beat.

Oklahoma City, OK

Oklahoma City. You put the OK in Oklahoma. Awesome dancing tonight. Thanks for coming out. You helped make this one of the greatest nights on The Roadshow. We’ve got a couple more shows left on this tour. Wichita, Kansas City & Memphis we’re headed your way. Looking forward to finishing out this tour strong. ThanksRead More