The Roadshow – Tulsa, OK

Tulsa, you guys were so great tonight, Mike decided to give you his awesome rock face.  Thanks for spending your night with us.  We’re headed to Lubbock tomorrow.  We’re really looking forward to the next couple shows on this run.  Roadshow, you’re turning out to be really something special.

The Roadshow – Dallas, TX

Dallas. Hometown show. You guys delivered.  We look forward to this show every year and tonight you showed us why.  We had some church tonight.  You guys sang beautifully.  There’s something magical about playing in Dallas.  We grew up dreaming of playing here and tonight you were a part of that dream. Thanks for makingRead More

The Roadshow – Madison, WI

What can we say Madison. You guys filled up the place. We heard security was turning away cars in the parking lot, so if you didn’t make it in we’re sorry. For those of you that made it in, you people were LOUD. There’s nothing quite like hearing that many people singing together to theRead More

The Roadshow – Ypsilanti, MI

Thanks Michigan.  We had a great time.  We’ll see you again next year.  Let us know in the comments what your favorite part of the night is.  We think this moment is pretty special.  It’s one of our favorite times.  It’s also one of the most nerve racking simply because we are way out ofRead More

The Roadshow – Chicago, IL

Tonight we were in Chicago. You guys were awesome. Thanks for spending your evening with us. We’re looking forward to a couple more shows this week. Michigan you’re headed your way tonight. If you were at the show tonight and took some pictures, make sure you send them to and check them out onRead More