The Roadshow – Boise, ID

Dang Boise. What a fun show. You guys were rowdy tonight.  We got up at 3 this morning to get here and you guys brought the energy.  Thanks for hanging out with us tonight.  I realized that we haven’t really shared the setlist from this tour so I think it’s time to do that. WeRead More

The Roadshow – Phoenix, AZ

Dang Phoenix. You guys were unreal. Thanks so much for making it out tonight.  We had an absolute blast.  You guys were nuts.  Here’s what’s cool too.  We got to see our buddy Matt Maher tonight.  We love this place. Earlier today some of us took off into the mountains on the scooters. What aRead More

The Roadshow – Albuquerque, NM

Every night Bart tells the crowd to dance so bad on the song “Move” that he starts laughing and forgets the words. Tonight in Albuquerque Barry decided to join in the fun. The funny thing was, he didn’t move. Bart almost lost it before the song even started. Thanks for having fun with us tonightRead More