RV Trip

Ok folks…now that we’re finally in Maine and I get to take a bit of a breather from driving this massive hunk of swerving metal….(at least the 3 state troopers that have pulled me over so far seem to think I’m swerving, but I think they’re just out to meet their quota…. 🙂 )…I thoughtRead More

No Need To Shave

Started in Bristol, TN yesterday and are in CT right now on our way to Block Island, RI. Supposed to be one of those hidden treasures… We’ll have to ditch the RV since we have to ferry to the island… P.S. The coffee @ Cinnabon is wretched…

Picnic Dinner In Knoxville

After drivng the larger part of today, and spending an hour waiting to get my phone fixed in nashville, we stopped @ the home of the 1982 world fair to get our toes wet and eat in the grass….life is good.

Jose’ Can You See?????

Today we met Jose’ Miguel… He is the Compassion child that Mercyme has recently started to support. We all individually have supported Compassion kids for years, but in this new phase of MM and Imagine a Cure’s connection with Compassion, we thought it would be awesome support a child with special medical needs. Well todayRead More

Mr. Mom…Or How DOES She Do It?!?!?!

Seriously… Abby leaves the house for a few hours to go get her hair cut and swing by the grocery store…doesn’t sound like a big deal, right???? Well the other side of the coin is that I am now in complete “charge” of the kids…hahahahahahahahaha!!!!!! that’s funny, huh? This blog is only to praise myRead More

Party At James Christopher’s

So on our way home from visiting family in Louisiana, we stopped in to check on James Christopher, and ended up crashing a pizza party. He says ‘Thanks’ for all the support and keep spreading the word about him!!! Mike

Help James Christopher!

OK, guys…you’ve done amazing things to help Sam win the JDRF contest, we’ve done a ton for Compassion International together, and we’ve had lots of fun along the way. Now I’m asking you to help another friend of ours. James Christopher Allums is a HUGE MercyMe fan.  He’s a 12 year old kid from Monroe,Read More

Last Minute Shopping

Why are we always so last minute when it comes to Christmas shopping??? Does it not ALWAYS fall on Dec. 25th??? Why am I shopping frantically on Dec. 23?!?!?! Ben agrees with me…NO MORE LAST MINUTE SHOPPING!!!!