And Then There Were Five

The other day in Baltimore someone decided that Jim’s scooter looked pretty fun, and decided to run off with it. Typically we leave the scooters out by the bus and apparently this was the wrong place to leave them out. According to Baltimore Police they have already found the scooter and it’s got minimal damage.Read More

Kate Diann Bryson

Kate Diann Bryson. Our little “Lovewell” baby. Thanks so much to everyone for the prayers and acts of lovewell shown to us during Misti’s 7 months of bed rest. You really ministered to our family. Born 5-13-10 6lbs 9 oz. 20 1/2″

The Dove Awards

It was an absolute honor sharing the stage with the very talented David Crowder last night at The Dove Awards. ¬†We’ve had the pleasure of touring with David for the past month and a half and also the pleasure of hearing “How He Loves Us” every night. ¬†Congratulations to David for taking home Worship RecordRead More

Compassion In Haiti

Below is a letter we received from our Compassion representative and we wanted to share it with the rest of you. Dear friends, Wanted to send you another update with a few new bits of information in the aftermath of the earthquake in Haiti. Sorry in advance for the length, but trying to cover lotsRead More

From The Brysons

Dear Friends and Family, Wow, where do I begin? This week has been a walk of faith for all of us. God has showed us so many things…the beauty of waiting on Him, His faithfulness to hear the prayers of his people, the way in which God can give us peace amidst total uncertainty, andRead More

Happy Hunting

Hey Everyone, Well this is going to be a bit of a different type of blog than you’re used to. On Monday the 14th of April I surprised my wife by taking her to a concert. That concert was Bon Jovi with Chris Daughtry opening. I know… Bon Jovi. Hey it was free. Chris gotRead More

The Pot Of Gold

So we’re on our way to a show and we stop in Oklahoma for a quick bite. I get off the bus and what do I see. A beautiful rainbow! You know the saying…. “There’s a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow” So my question is which end of the rainbow. IRead More


Hey everyone, I’ve really tried to think and be really deep with my next blog so after much prayer and thought here it is. By the way Robby needs to follow the drummer’s style. As a matter of fact I think this is Jackie Chan’s long lost brother. I’ve seen them play at a coupleRead More

MercyMe TV

Hey MM fans! We thought we’d do something completely different for the final show of the Winter Jam tour. We’re going to be broadcasting our show live right here on MercyMe TV. It starts promptly at 8:30pm central time. Hopefully this will let our fans in Knoxville & Atlanta enjoy a bit of the showRead More

And Finally It Comes…

So I’ve had the question from a bunch of people, “How come you haven’t written anything on the blog yet?” Well I was trying to think of some good reasons. Here’s a few that I came up with…. I was ice fishing in northern Alaska. I was working part time on a city zoning commissionRead More