A Quick Survey

Click Here for PollOnline SurveyEnterprise Feedback Management | Polls | Email Marketing | Crowdsourcing SoftwareView MicroPoll We’ve got a question for you. We know that there’s a risk that comes with putting our shows online every night for the world to see. We’ve done it for the past three years and the verdict is stillRead More

Batter Up

Today we went to Louisville Slugger Bat Factory & Museum.  Here’s the 120 foot bat outside the building. Somebody needs to tell Babe, ‘Don’t play ball inside’. We were given the opportunity to hold one of Mickey Mantle’s “Game Used” bats.  For a baseball fan this is almost church. Unfortunately for us, we had toRead More

The MercyMe Crew Hunt

See these guys?  They are on the road with us every show.  They are the ones that set up stuff and make things work.  They are also the guys that you are going to be looking for once you are in the building.  Why are you going to look for them?  Because each day theyRead More