Wednesday August, 17th Cancelled

****Updated**** The Newsboys will be filling in for us in Lynden, WA tomorrow night.***** – Thanks for your prayers and kind comments. *************************** As most of you saw on Twitter Bart’s cousin was killed in the line of duty last night as a Dallas firefighter.  Because of this MercyMe is forced to cancel their showRead More

Madison, WI

Wisconsin, you have become one of our favorite places to play.  Tonight’s crowd, just like last night’s blew us away.  Thanks so much for coming out tonight and spending some time with us.  We still can’t believe how much snow is outside, but we’re glad you guys made the trip out. Everyone enjoy the SuperRead More

Ft. Wayne, IN

Ft. Wayne. What can we say. Thanks so much for showing up and singing. The crowd tonight was amazing. We were ministered tonight more than you can possibly know.

Dallas, TX

There’s nothing like it in the world. Hearing almost 15,000 Believers lifting their voices in worship. Thanks for letting us be a part of that last night Dallas.