“Ask MercyMe” – Barry (Answers)

Alright folks. You asked and Barry answered. Every. Single. Question. Thanks for participating this week in “Ask MercyMe”. Hopefully now you will know everything you could ever want to know about the man behind the guitar. Click “More” to see Barry’s answers. Monday we will ask Robby so get those questions ready.

My Guitar Heros

While we’re out on Winter Jam, we get to have a Guitar Hero challenge every night during intermission with radio contest winners. We are pretty stoked about that! Today the 19th in Orlando is the 1st time we’ll put our color memorization skills and rock poses to the test. We’ve been practicing on the busRead More

Texas Sunset

My wife and I moved from Tennessee to Texas 4 years ago and I must say we never get tired of the sunsets. As you can see from the picture it’s a pretty awesome sight. I snap a pic any chance I get, usually with my phone while driving which I’m told is not veryRead More

Things Are Broken Already

We are on the 2nd night of Winter Jam and things have already died. Last night in Johnson City rocked so hard, and the crowd was so amazing that we had a few pedals break, and some guitars broke too. So today Mike and I are working on getting everything repaired so that we canRead More