We hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving.  Now as we move into thinking about the Christmas season we wanted to put a place on here where we could continue the ‘Thankfulness’ and allow you to tell us what you’re thankful for here.  We are thankful for you guys and we love the community that hasRead More

Austin Music Hall

Hey Austin.  Want to come to the show Saturday night?  Want to come to the show Saturday night and save $15 on tickets?  Well, starting at noon today you can go to this website and enter in this promotional code: Elizabeth10 in the field available.  Grab your tickets and come out and say hi. And whileRead More

M.ERCY.ME Live Online

Well, if you didn’t catch it last night, we broadcast our show from Plymouth, MI online for you all on a new site we set up M.ERCY.ME.  Seems like a pretty easy address to remember right?  However, because of the different venues on this tour, we will try to broadcast as often as we can,Read More

What Do You Want To See?

Who reads these post? Seriously…well sort of seriously. In a world where Twitter can reach you no matter where you are, do people still stop to read things longer than 140 letters? Just curious. If you do still frequent our blog, let us know what you want to see on here. More dance videos? SeriousRead More

Press Conference

Each year we play the Texas Rangers game, Nathan and I take pictures of ourselves in the press room as if we’re on the chopping block answering questions after our show. This year, our drama didn’t end so pretty. Make up your own scenario.

Memorial Day

In honor of Memorial Day Weekend, we’d like to open up the comment section of this post to friends and family members of soldiers. If you’d like to mention their names, where they are, memories, or any way we can pray for them, please feel free. And anyone else who would like to honor soldiersRead More