14 comments on “Boys

  1. Lol….too funny! Hey, Bart… I hear you want snow—we’ve got two feet on the ground, and they’re forecasting two more feet on Tues./Wed…you can have ours!

  2. Oh Bart, you are so funny. You crack me up. :] Thanks for the laugh.

    AND…I will be seeing you here in Portland, Oregon on March 27th!!! I am so super excited! It will be an amazing night.
    God Bless you guys!

    Much love,

  3. You are a “Rockin” Band and your voice is like a trumpet to the world! Thank you for comming to 2nd Baptist in Houston – we LOVE you!

  4. Hey my name is Ian. I want to thank you so much for what you helped me do. I have been really listening to k love at my hometown alot,(christian radio). I want to tell you all of creation makes me remember how important god is to me. the way it makes me feel is so undesvribing its hard to right. Makes me wanna be with god and have his heart in mine all the time. Thank you so much, Love you guys. You helped me remember what i have forgotten.

  5. Also you should try to make a trip to Medford Oregon and do your beautiful singing here, let his light shine down on the valley.

  6. Hey Bart- This is too funny. I actually snorted milk out my nose while watching. You’re a practical jokester just like me!

    I think God has really challenged you, Bart, to spread his word through your music. Keep rising to the challenge- as a public school teacher, I see the difference you’re making in our youth. You and the band have made being a Christian “cool” … listening to Christian music not only acceptable, but “in”.. THANKS for all that you do to bring kids to Christ! Looking forward to seeing you in Richmond this summer. Would love to have the opportunity to meet you!

  7. LOL!!! I’m 13 years old, and I love you guys so much!! You’re a wonderful group! I missed your concert in Kearney, Nebraska, unfortunetly, but thats when I asked my parents to get me a Mercy Me CD instead of Kids Bop one for my birthday, and I got one!! I listen to it all the time! Thank you guys! I also brought it to my youth group and we watched the music video to I Can Only Imagine! They LOVED it!!! I’m praying for you every night!! GOD BLESS!!!

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