Belton, TX






Belton. Here’s the deal. You guys were easily the best crowd of the tour so far. What a great night. Thanks for hanging out with us. Awesome to have the boys from The Digital Age in the room tonight. If you haven’t checked out their music, what are you waiting for?

We’re headed home for a couple days, but next week we’ll be ready to take this thing East.

Thanks again Texas.

  • Doug Stephen

    Thanks so much! Great show! Hearing Bart’s story really choked me up, I think a tear actually got loose and I haven’t cried a tear since I was saved at 17. It was a happy tear because I remember how great I felt when I was blessed with that realization that I had done all I had to do to please Him. Now I do extra things like lead games at my church on Wednesday evenings during AWANA Club, I do science experiments to teach the gospel to kids at my church on Sunday nights, I coach a pre-t-ball (3&4 yr old…its like herding kittens) and I share my life with other people, not so He loves me more, but so I can share His love with others. Thanks again for a great show.

  • Isabella Lucon

    Hi, my name is Isabella, I’m from Brazil and I’m waiting Mercy Me here! Your songs speak with my heart every day, God is making amazing things in me with the songs. I really want to worship Jesus’s name with you in your show. God bless you all!

  • Dave H.

    Any plans to get a “Worship Sessions” songbook published in the near future?

  • Mumie Borman

    Hello, I had to reach out to all of you as I listen to HEALED AND SET FREE…Please, I pray, that all the members of MercyMe, as celebrities, to reach out to all of our Christian community to reach out in prayer and actions to help our sister in Nigeria! Tell us, your fans, where to go and what to say if it can make any impact, we will be there in voice and action! In compassion and strength here are we


  • Blankman

    Love the music! It’s been a real blessing. I have a question though. Our music ministry at our church would like to sing “The First Time”, but we can’t find any sheet music online for guitar, piano, etc. Can we email you or purchase it somehow? Thanks

  • Ian Walker

    Well, what words can describe these guys in concert! My fifth time seeing them. Last night in Williamsport, MD was the 1st time I heard Bart go into detail about his childhood. What a story of REDEMPTION for him and his father.
    One day, MERCYME, I pray I can bless you guys with my story and how you have made a significant impact with your concert, songs, testimony, lyrics, etc in my life.

  • Cindy Hampson

    unfortunately I live in Ontario, Canada, so wont be able to see you in concert.. I did like the sounds of that Bahamas trip though (but I’m not a couple). Curious about Bart’s testimony (dont even know which one is Bart). I have been really struggling with receiving God’s grace and God has shown me that I am afraid of not pleasing Him and meeting His expectations. Would love to hear this testimony – is it available anywhere?