22 comments on “Bart’s Day Off

  1. I am just thrilled to see someone using a Land Rover for what it’s made for. We go Jeeping all the time and it’s the best hobby ever. Most Land Rover owners would never dream of taking that puppy off-road. KUDO’S BART!!!!

  2. I have to say that when I saw a child run by I became frightened (although, I know you wouldn’t do anything to impede on your children’s – or anyone else’s – safety)!

    And then when I saw the tires (wheels?) lift off the ground? Phew!

    Good times – thanks for bringing us along.

  3. You had to be out of NE Texas. Looks like fun.
    Happy Birthday to Jim! (a day late but the best wishes are still there)

  4. Not like that! I spend my days off in my warm house, in my pajamas reading or watching 24. If I lived in HI like pokinatcha, I would be at the beach too!! But I don’t. I live in stinkin’ cold NWI where we are under a “blizzard warning” and expecting wind chills of -20 tomorrow. Thus I stay in!

  5. Go Bart! Nice to see you getting that thing dirty. We see those Land Rovers on the road here all nice and clean–no mud or dirt–and I think “there’s a waste of a good vehicle”. Now I would not choose to go do that–so therefore I also wouldn’t buy a car meant to do that! So good for you–glad you had a good day off.

  6. OH MY!!!! Wow!! we were in TN in Dec. and went up a mountain — on a one way road— in the middle of nowhere— and NO GUARD RAIL — THank GOD for GPS —- extreme panic attck…. hope you had fun Bart good luck!!! be safe… hope you had a good day off…. :)

  7. We have this thing in our area of Cleves, Ohio that is called Gravelrama every year. They climb big hills with four wheel vehicles – I think that Bart should enter it next year!

  8. Must be nice to have a day off. I am glad I wasn’t in there I would probably be screaming at the top of my lungs and holding on for dear life.

  9. Holy Schmokes!!!! Looks like the driveway up to the cabin we rented last year. Wished we’d had 4-wheel drive……..we’d might have been smiling like that when we reached the top too, if so.

  10. Awesome…but you need to bring that thing on over to Colorado and try some of our 4 wheel drive back roads! Just remember dont look down. :)

  11. Had the baby last Tuesday. You can visit my blog for more info and photos, but wanted to report he’s healthy and adorable and awesome and WOW!

    Thanks for the prayers.

  12. OMG!!!!! American Idol just played “I Can Only Imagine” for a contestant who made it to Hollywood….I screamed and said, “yay for MercyMe, they did it…they hit American Idol. Wahoooooooooo!!!!” My roommates just looked at me and smiled! :)

  13. Hello to MercyMe and fans. This was awesome! I am planning on going to the concert in Columbus,GA 2/21/09 and I was wondering (if they are for sale) where do you order Meet and Greet tickets from???

  14. What is that cool song playing behind Bart’s Rover-Ride I may be out of touch but I don’t know it and my Shazam doesn’t recognize it. Great Rocker!!!!!!!!!!!

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