Mr. Lovewell Charity Drum Auction

Hello Everyone. Robby here.

Over the past few years I have been developing a relationship with Risen Drums. They are an awesome company out of Minneapolis. When our Generous Mr. Lovewell record came out, I had them build me a drum kit that looked like the cd artwork. It came out beautifully. If you have seen a MM show in the last couple of years, then you have seen this kit.

Well, we decided to stay with the theme of “Lovewell” and auction off the kit to help Imagine A Cure. It’s a non profit organization that MercyMe started to help find a cure for Juvenile Diabetes. If you’re interested in bidding on these drums please know that all the profits will go directly to Imagine A Cure. So if you like drums, and like Loving Well, now is your chance.

The bonus is they can be shipped to you in time for Christmas. So, happy bidding.

Thanks for Loving Well!

Custom Hand Painted Maple Shells
Kick – 22″ x 18″
Tom – 12″ x 8″
Tom – 14″ x 12″
Tom – 16″ x 14″
Snare – 14″ x 6.5″


Moncton, New Brunswick

Oh, Canada.  Every time we make it up this way, you guys deliver.  What a cool show.  Packed out and you people were loud.  Thanks for giving us a reason to make sure we get back to Canada as soon as we can.

We’ve had a great couple days and it’s time to head home for a few.  Next week we’re finishing out this tour in Texas.  Looking forward to a couple great shows.

I don’t think we’ve mentioned it on here yet, but if you folks are Instagram-ers, make sure you check us out there.  Our username is THEMERCYME or you can check them out here –  We couldn’t get just ‘mercyme’ because it was taken so if you know anyone that can get us in touch with Instagram let us know.  We’d love to make it not as confusing.

Anyway.  Thanks again Canada, we’ll see you again soon.

The Roadshow – Ontario, CA

Wow, Wow, Wow. Ontario California.  What a blast.  This place was awesome tonight.  You guys came to worship and we could tell.  Thanks for letting us share the evening with you.  We’re about to wrap this thing up and we can honestly say that this is hands down the best Roadshow we’ve had to date.  Every year we come back here you guys are more and more generous to us.  We’ve got a couple more stops and then it’s home for a couple weeks, but thanks for a memorable night.  We’ll see you again real soon.

What was your favorite part of the night?

The Roadshow – Boise, ID

Dang Boise. What a fun show. You guys were rowdy tonight.  We got up at 3 this morning to get here and you guys brought the energy.  Thanks for hanging out with us tonight.  I realized that we haven’t really shared the setlist from this tour so I think it’s time to do that. We have a shorter set this time so we tried to pack them in here. Let us know what you think.


Thanks Boise. We’ll see you again next year.

The Great MercyMe Concert Poll

So we touched on it last night a little last night, but we’re really hoping that the great people of the Internet can help us out.  With so many different avenues of communication these days, it’s hard to distinguish between what’s actual communication and what’s just adding to the noise.  We certainly don’t want to be ‘noise’ to anyone, so in an effort to streamline our communication, we’re coming to the source.  You people.

We want to know where you are listening.  We want to know where you hear about shows that we’re playing at.  Maybe it’s Social Media, The Radio, Friends, or a poster at church.  Maybe it’s right here on this website.  What’s the most effective way for us to communicate to you?  How do we let you know about things and what avenue should we pour our resources into?  Here’s what we’ve done.  We’ve added a little poll to the right sidebar of the site.  If you could take a second and let us know how you hear about our shows, we’d appreciate it.


The Children of Piedras Negras & Morelos, Mexico

For the past decade, missionaries John and Paulina have devoted their lives to the children of Piedras Negras and Morelos, Mexico. They have run children’s homes in these two towns, while also ministering to the communities around them. John and Paulina care for these kids as if they were their own. My wife Maggie and son Levi even went to visit the children’s home a few years ago, she was moved by the fact that two people could love so many children in such a mighty way. It is clear when you visit with these folks that they rely on God for every move. They teach their children to pray when a need arises. The children are faithful to pray, and our God is faithful to answer in times of need.

This is one of those times. The violence and unrest in Mexico has escalated these past few years to the point that church groups, once filing in and out of the children’s homes consistently through the year, now do not feel safe crossing the border. John understands the concern, and he does not blame American groups for not coming down any more, but he is feeling their absence in a serious way. These groups provided funds, food, materials, did work around the property, and did outreach within the community. Without that support, John and Paulina are struggling to take care of their children, and to be able to reach out to their community the way they once did.

Sometime during the month of May (as in, right now) their children’s home will be coming under the review of social services. If they do not own a 15 passenger van that is less than ten years old by the day of their review, they risk all of the children being taken from them and placed in other homes. John and Paulina call their group of 30 a family. They care for these kids and pray for these kids and devote their lives to the well being and salvation of these kids. To risk losing them over a few technicalities is heartbreaking.

We believe there are people out there who can help. We believe someone has a van they are willing to donate, or the funds to buy one. The van would need to be taken to the San Antonio area in order for John to pick it up. Any money donated will go to help their ministries, and to allow them to continue ministering to the community around them. We can assure you that the money will go for nothing more than basic needs and for advancing the kingdom in a dark, and growing darker, place…

Thanks for all prayers and financial help in advance.

**If you or someone you know has a van you’d like to donate, email and someone will get back to you.

My Pastor’s Update

Many of you read my blog post a year ago about my pastor finding a tumor in his brain.  Many of you were encouraged by the words he spoke in his video explaining the faith that he had in Christ’s plan and also knowing he was in Gods Hands.  So I thought I would post a link to his one year update to see how was doing.  By the grace and mercy of our Sovereign Lord he is battling and winning against this awful disease.  Please continue praying for Matt and his family as they travel down this road.  I hope your blessed by the blog and faith that this man has.