Boise, ID

Boise. We love coming here. You guys are always so great. We’re hitting our stride on this tour and it’s almost over. This thing has gone by way too fast.

Tonight we did have a very special guest. Naghmeh Abedini, who’s husband Saeed is imprisoned in Iran for sharing the Gospel, came and shared a bit of her story. Unbelievably moving and humbling. You guys can find out more abou Saeed HERE.

We’re currently on the bus headed for Portland, OR. One of our favorite cities. We’ll see you in a few hours Portland.

Springfield, MO

Missouri, you guys were nuts. Thank you, thank you for such a great night. We’ve been here several times and each time we come back you people deliver. We’ve got a question for you folks. What’s your favorite part of the night? We love watching each artist individually, but we’re curious what’s on your top list?

Dallas, we’re headed your way tomorrow. We’ll see you there.

Madison, WI

Well folks, we kicked it off tonight. Madison, Wisconsin there’s no other place we’d rather start this thing going. Thanks for braving the weather and coming out to the show. This place is COLD.

We spent most of the day working out some bugs, getting our gear ready and trying to stay warm. The snow was beautiful though.

Headed to Grand Rapids tonight, so pray for us driving in this mess. We’ll see you again soon.

It’s Here. The Hurt & The Healer Release!

It’s here! We’re super excited about the release of our newest record “The Hurt & The Healer”. It’s been a long process and we couldn’t be happier with the way it turned out. Below is a list of several places that you can pick it up. We’d love to know what you guys think of the record in the comments. Let us know what you favorite song is and why.

Thanks for checking it out.


Walmart (With Bonus Disc)


Family Christian Stores




And tons of other places. Let us know what you think!

San Antonio, TX

San Antonio, you guys are awesome. Your city is awesome too. You’re weather…. maybe a different form of awesome. Seriously though. We spent the day in your lovely city, down near the River Walk, Starbucks twice, and topped it off with you guys. A perfect way to finish the day here. Thanks for spending your time with us.

We’ve only got one more show on this little tour then it’s time for a little time off. Lufkin, let’s see if we can finish this thing out strong. We’ll see you soon.

Thanks again San Antonio.

The Roadshow – Ypsilanti, MI

Thanks Michigan.  We had a great time.  We’ll see you again next year.  Let us know in the comments what your favorite part of the night is.  We think this moment is pretty special.  It’s one of our favorite times.  It’s also one of the most nerve racking simply because we are way out of our element.  It is however a very special moment.

Thanks for spending your night with us Michigan.



We Love Knoxville, TN

Man, what a cool view. Knoxville, we love hanging out here today. And we couldn’t have asked for a more beautiful day.  Thanks for making the trip out tonight and singing your hearts out with us.  We had a great time.  Robby gave the shower a 9 on his ‘Shower Scale’, Bart finished the lyrics for what could possibly be the first single on the new record and the potato chips in catering were some of the best we’ve had.  So all-in-all it was a pretty fantastic day.

Hey, we have a quick question for you.  If you’ve ever been to a MercyMe show, we’d love to know how you heard about it.  Was it your friends?  The radio?  Your church?  Knoxville, how’d you hear about the show tonight?  We’re curious.

Thanks again.  We’ll see you again real soon.

Davenport, IA

Iowa, if you pay any attention to the History Channel you’ve probably seen the show American Pickers.  Well today a few of us took a little trip down the road to see the shop and happened to be there when the star of the show Mike Wolfe was there.  He said the History Channel makes him do a “hero pose” every once in a while, so he had Nathan and Jim do it with him. Seriously though, Mike was a super nice guy and took the time to show us around the shop and hang out.  We had a blast.

Tonight’s show was fantastic too.  You people sang great and looked awesome.  We were here a few months back and it’s always awesome to come to this part of the country.  We’ll see you again real soon.

Grove City, OH

Ohiiiiooooo.  Tonight was awesome. You people know how to worship.  Thanks so much for coming out and making it a special night. You guys know how to sing.  This was one of the loudest crowds we’ve had in a while.  And it sounded great.

Today we spent most of the day recording again after a quick trip to your lovely Guitar Center.  We can’t wait to share this worship project with you.  I think it’s going to be something really special.  We’re still in Ohio tomorrow, but we’re headed Northwest of here.

Elida we’ll see you tomorrow.