El Paso, TEXAS

El Paso.  Spanish for “most awesome-est crowd ever”?  You guys blew the roof off tonight and not just for MercyMe but for everyone out on The Roadshow.  Thanks for making us always feel so welcome when we come to your lovely town.  Before tonight, it had been far too long since we’ve heard you guys sing, so let’s not wait that long again.  See ya next year.


Dodge City, KS

The crowd tonight in Dodge City was unreal.  The only word we can come up with to describe it is ‘Electric’.  This crowd was so loud and amazing, we can’t wait to come back.  This morning we got here late, one of our busses lost it’s engine, we were scrambling to make everything work and you guys were worth it.

We have one of the best crews that any band could ask for and even with a short day they pulled it off and made for a great show.  We couldn’t do it without them.

Thanks again Kansas for showing up and spending your night with us.

To Huntsville… And Beyond

Yesterday we had the amazing opportunity for several of us to take a tour of Huntsville’s Space Camp. A hefty group of us were given a tour around all the different sections of the property, and I’m pretty sure we didn’t break anything, so an all around good day. Huntsville’s Channel 48 News decided to come along for the tour and actually put a microphone on Bart the whole day.

We’re all pretty much history/space nerds at heart so getting the opportunity to walk around and actually see some of these things that are a part of history is truly something special.  Thanks so much to the folks over there that put up with us all day and managed to not throw us out or anything.

And since we weren’t sure that anyone would believe us when we said we were friends with the guys in TFK we got a picture to prove it.

Cape Girardeau, MO

Last night was an amazing way to kick off this tour.  Cape Girardeau, you guys were amazing.  A couple of times throughout the night it felt like we could stay there for hours.  Some really special moments.  One thing we are super excited about is finally being able to tour with Jars Of Clay and they did not disappoint.  We’ve been such huge fans of theirs for so long, it’s awesome that we get to watch them play every night for the next several weeks.

Tonight we’re in Biloxi.  We’ll have some more pictures up tonight or tomorrow.

A Crazy 2010

Man, what a year it has been.  2010 has been an absolute blast and we couldn’t have done a lot of this stuff without you.  With the release of The Generous Mr. Lovewell”, The Rock & Worship Roadshow, a crazy Summer of touring into a Fall tour with Phil Wickham and on top of that winning an American Music Award, “All Of Creation” being named BillBoard’s Top Christian Song of 2010 and now iTunes naming it their top song as well, it’s been absolutely mind blowing.

We’re gearing up and looking forward to an awesome 2011.  More touring, talk of a corporate worship record and a possible Mr. Lovewell book, we’ve got a lot to look forward to.  Once again, we couldn’t thank you enough for this community that has gathered here on this blog.  We love interacting with you.  We love your support and we look forward to a great year.

Happy 2011 everyone.  We’ll see you soon.

Artesia, NM – Artesia Auditorium

We had a blast in New Mexico. Every tour we pick a weekend to all bring our boys out. Since this run was close to home we thought we’d make it this week, and on top of it, we were so close to Carlsbad Caverns, it was a perfect opportunity for a trip.

After the caves we had a FANTASTIC crowd. You guys sang loud and sang the whole time. Crowds like that make our day.
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Lovewell Live Features

There’s a couple new things we are doing different on this tour to make it a little more fun from a “web nerd” standpoint.  While we aren’t able to broadcast this tour, we have done a couple things to make it a little more interactive for the folks at the show.

First:  Gowalla.  We’ve been able to create a way where anyone coming to the show can check in at the tour.  Up until now location based checking in was just that.  Location based.  With the help of our friends at Gowalla, we’ve been able to bring the “location” of Lovewell Live with us.  That means every venue you will be able to check in at the show.  And here’s why you want to do that.  We’re able to track how many shows you check into and we love to give stuff away to those that stand out.  So make sure to sign up for Gowalla and become our friend.

Second:  For all you smartphone users out there, and we know there’s a lot of you.  Make sure you take a second and download a QR Scanner app for you phone before you come to the show.  Sprinkled around the venue will be these codes to scan and when you scan it with your phone we’ve got a little something special for you.  We’re calling it the Lovewell Live Giveaway, so if that’s not a hint, we’re not sure what is.

So there we are.  Check in at every MercyMe show you go to on Gowalla and make sure to have your phone scanners ready at the show.  We know it’s a lot to take in, but we can’t wait to see you at the show.

Summer Time!

Hey all you MercyMe interwebers!!!!!!

So summer is here, and with it, comes….. VACATION!!!!!!!!! Lots of hot sweaty vacation!!!! We’ve all been going our separate ways and enjoying some time off with our families.

The Cochrans went to Missouri for some time away with family. The Shaffers went and caught some Cardinals games in St. Louis. The Brysons are at home changing an insurmountable number of diapers. Not sure what in the world the Grauls have been doing, but i think it has something to do with building a motorcycle. The Millards and Scheuchzers…. we went to the beach… together… 7 kids… 4 adults… 1 beach house… a few friends stopping by… (including everyone’s favorite web ninja Brody Harper and family,) it has been, aside from Bart’s little bout with heat exhaustion, AMAZING!!!

Now that we’re all rested up… don’t you think it’s just about time we hit the road and did a few shows??? Us too. We can’t wait to play these new Mr. Lovewell songs and hear you guys singing along!!! So if you’re coming out to one of our summer shows, make sure you have your prettiest singing voices ready…. ok…. pretty is not required, but LOUD is a must! If you’re not sure if we’re coming near you, click here to see our summer schedule.

Hope to see you and hear you soon!!!!!

Here are a few random pictures of us all jumping on the beach.